What is the best way to get a lot of artifacts in genshin impact? How do I get 4 star and 5 star artifacts?

These are the way to farm Artifacts:

  1. Doing the Artifacts Domain
  2. Fighting Bosses
  3. Investigating Artifacts (numerous locations on the map)
  4. You can also buy Artifacts as well.
  5. At higher levels, normals enemies also drop Artifacts as well.
  6. Levelling up your AR Level
  7. Levelling up your Travel Adventure Book
  8. Doing the Spiral Abyss

To get 4 star or 5-star artifacts, you need higher levels. At lower levels, there is no trick to farm 5-star artifacts (if you do Spiral Abyss you’re guaranteed to get 4 stars / 5-star artifacts.

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