What is the biggest failure of modern China?

The biggest failure of Modern China are

  • Propaganda. Most of the time, Chinese propaganda doing a favor for the west. They should really learn the art of Western propaganda that can brainwash people without being noticed.
  • Education. Although China has several world-class universities for example, Tsinghua University is ranked13th, 15th, 20th, and etc in the world depending on the publication ranking of universities. The number of students exceeds the seat limit, especially for C9 League so that only a small proportion of students can study at C9 league. The rest can only go to universities abroad and outside C9 league. However, it also determines the career prospects at the company so that the more reputable the university is, the easier it will be to get a job in China. This creates a gap between graduates from C9 league and graduates from non C9 league. On the positive side, China is changing very rapidly. A growing number of companies in China prefer to recruit students from Chinese university degrees over Western university degrees. However, there is a downside, graduates non C9 league will find a more difficult job than graduates from the C9 league. The preference are graduates who have degrees from China and the west or graduates from C9 league> graduates from Chinese universities> graduates from Western universities.
  • Unqualified foreigners. Back then, there were too many loser foreigners in China especially in 2000-an to 2019. I don’t know why so many loser foreigners can made their way into China at that time. However, on the positive side, recently the Chinese government has started to impose stricter rules for foreigners who want to come to China. But it also has a negative effects too, many loser foreigners suddenly become unable to meet conditions of requirements so they have to return to their own countries, who knows that loser foreigners back in their own countries suddenly become “China Watcher” in the West. But there are drawbacks too, especially if loser foreigners has a couple so that they can stay in China through spousal sponsorship or has the validity period of the visa based on the approval results from 2000-an to 2019 which is not as stringent as it is today.
  • Soft power. Even though China can create soft power that is popular in the world for example Genshin Impact, Tik Tok, and etc. Yet, the National Radio and Television Administration still censors instead of promoting Chinese entertainment to the world, it hinders China’s soft power.
  • Etc.

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