What is the ideal ratio of crit damage to crit rate in Genshin Impact? I’ve heard it’s 2 to 1, but I never see anyone using that ratio.

For the most part yes, however more ideally it should be 3:1. My Diluc has a 50 % Crit chance and 185 CD. My Keqing used to have 60% CR and 180 CD (however, that was overkill since she’d have 75% CR if she uses her elemental burst). My only exception is my Ganyu. Right now, she has an 8:1 Ratio. 35 % CR and 250% CD. This is due to how absurdly stupid the 4x blizzard set and Cryo resonance with a Rosaria is. Ganyu’s A1 skill already gives her 20% Crit rate if you shoot a Frostflake arrow. If I attack a Frozen enemy with my Ganyu, than she gets another 40% Crit chance. This added with Cryo resonance means that I’ll also gain another 15. That adds up to roughly 120% CR.

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