What is the most secure operating system for gaming?

This is the most secure setup I could think of… Essentially Unix (linux,macOS e.t.c.) running windows 10 on KVM. Let me expand on this a bit. Games like Genshin impact and Valorant have really shady anti cheats on PC that most likely directly access kernel stuff to check for cheats, hacks e.t.c. Now there are better ones such as battleEye, but I myself have never liked the thought of giving a game superuser permission and giving it direct access to my kernel stuff. So now let me explain on hypervisors. There are 2 types of hypervisors, type 1 (bare metal) and type 2 (host). Type 1 hypervisors give the guest direct access to the hardware through the kernel while type 2 hypervisors will communicate with the OS to allocate resources. Now type 1 hypervisors can make it really easy to run it as if it is your main OS. Now, Let me expand on KVM. KVM, (kernel virtual machine) is a hypervisor that allows virtual machines to run in direct communication with your kernel, not through the Operating system itself. You might wonder, why use KVM and not a more popular hypervisor such as virtualbox and vmware? The key here is PCI passthrough. A system like KVM/QEMU will allow isolating your GPU and passing it to your VM technically making it your main display output. This is why a type 1 hypervisor like KVM is important. Now you might be wondering, Why run windows in a hypervisor and go through all that trouble if you can just run it on bare metal? Easy, security. the games you’ll be running, even if given kernel level access, they are just running on a hypervisor ensuring your main system is safe and secure. I have not heard of any Windows alternative, though this can be achieved on both linux and macOS. Though it’ll be easier to achieve on linux on most non-apple PCs where macOS isn’t easily installable due to hardware and driver limitations.

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