What is/was a popular game that you could never understand why it was so popular?

Hello~~ Thanks for the A2A~

This game is a game that I never understood was popular until I started playing it…and unfortunately, understood why.

What game was it, you ask?

League of Legends!

I always knew it was a game that existed. I always knew it was an extremely popular game that existed. But looking at gameplay clips, it never seemed that appealing to me. It looked so boring!

But one day, my friends told me to start playing it, because they thought I’d like it. I took their advice, and made an account. And what do you know, it was fun! Like really, really, really fun. Every single game was so engaging, even though I didn’t know what I was doing half the time. I finally understood why people liked it. The game itself was so addicting; I couldn’t take my hands off it for hours!

Not only is the game amazing, but so is the in-game artwork (such as the skins for champions/character), the godly cinematics, and the amazing music (stan KDA)

I don’t play LoL anymore, because I started playing Genshin Impact (which is a whole ‘nother story). But I definitely do recommend it, as long as you’re willing to face the loads of toxic players logged on everyday.

Good luck!

~ Ethan (please follow <3)

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