What is your best roleplay video game list of 2020?

Top 5 best roleplay games for android

1. Another Eden

This game is made by a company called Chrono Trigger. In this game, there is a player who saves a girl and that girl was his sister and a lot of boys harass that girl in which that player goes and fights with them all and saves his sister.

2. Eternium

The story of this game is very long and you are going to get to see exactly a movie story here. All the controls in this game are very simple and you can customize all its characters according to your choice.

3. Genshin Impact

In this, you will get to see a whole different world and you can go anywhere in this world and explore the whole world. You can score more to pass all its levels.

There is a glider inside this game which is very beneficial to covering long-distance easily. With the help of this glider, you will not have to walk anywhere and the glider is very helpful for you while playing this game.

4. Post Knight

The controls of this game are very different as compared to other games and you may find it a little difficult in the beginning to understand its controls. But once you understand its controls then it is very easy for you to play.

In this game, a player has to deliver a package from one place to another and after delivering the packages he gets the points in the form of rewards.

5. Summoners War

In this, you will see an entire distinctive world and you can go anyplace in this world and investigate the entire world. You can score more to pass every one of its levels.

There is a lightweight plane inside this game which is helpful to covering significant distance without any problem. With the assistance of this lightweight flyer, you won’t need to walk anyplace and the lightweight flyer is useful for you while playing this game.

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