What is your luckiest wish on Genshin Impact?

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What is your luckiest wish on Genshin Impact?
What is your luckiest wish on Genshin Impact?

I feel like I should explain that photo. Yes, that is real. Yes, that was me. No, I don’t know why.

After I lost the 50/50 on the Venti banner to Jean (78th wish), I kept pulling and eventually got Venti (84th wish). Then I stopped pulling completely, you can see from the timestamps.

The month resets. The starglitter wishes are available for purchase. I buy them and decide to use the five wishes – and ONLY those wishes – in hopes of getting a Fischl constellation on the Childe rerun banner.

First single pull turns purple. It turns out to be a weapon. Eh, I think. I pull another time and it’s a three star, nothing special.

Then the third SINGLE PULL turns gold. And as soon as I see it, I’m praying that it’ll be another off banner so I have garunteed becasue the Zhongli banner is after this and I really want Zhongli. Nope.

Ed McMurder Sheeran decides to break into my house and he won’t leave.

What is your luckiest wish on Genshin Impact?
What is your luckiest wish on Genshin Impact?

I don’t consider myself a very dramatic person, but anyone watching me the forty minutes after that pull would be convinced otherwise. I screamed at my friend through the in-game chat for ten minutes, called her and we then had a mutal screaming match for another twenty, and then accidentally banged my foot on my desk so hard I had to hobble around for the final ten minutes. You can see from the screenshot I took before the stars had finished their little animation.

I didn’t plan on pulling Childe, becasue I already have 2 DPS and I don’t trust myself to play him properly (bad sense of timing and mobile. . .) but well, here he is.

I’m much calmer now, I promise. I really can’t complain, because hey, nearly free five star! But I’m still rather salty and haven’t put any effort into raising him at all, mainly becasue I already have 2 DPS units (Xiao and Keqing) already built and in use regularly. Eventually, I will build him, after I raise and farm and raise artifacts for more of my supports.

This is exactly why I say to never, ever, EVER pull on a banner if you don’t want the featured five star, even if you have no pity and really want the four stars.

So far after that, my luck has been pretty average. I haven’t pulled much since except on the Zhongli banner, so I guess we’ll wait and see.

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