What mobile game genres are going to be popular in the next few years?

Well seeing how Genshin Impact got so popular with it’s release I think there could be some clones in the works or maybe they already exist. If there’s anything I’ve learned from playing mobile games is that when something gets popular there are often other publishers that make very similar games. Sometimes it’s almost identical to the original.

And my prediction is that the series of Pokemon games will eventually become a mobile game. Seeing how mobile games are improving so much, and so many people own a phone but not a Nintendo console. I’d say eventually the smartphone will be the global handheld gaming device. Plus I’ve seen lots of other RPG games already in the playstore so making a Pokemon adventure mobile game that’s similar to the one’s being release on console, I’d say would be their next move.

The Nintendo Switch is great, but it’s definitely much larger than a phone. And who wants to carry both a phone and a handheld console with them?

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