What Playable Genshin Impact Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Split image showing characters from Genshin Impact and a zodiac wheel.

Genshin Impact only come out in September of 2020, but people talk about it like this action-adventure RPG has been around for ages. Stepping into the vast, beautiful world of Teyvat, players explore seven different nations and meet a colorful cast of characters.
As there are a ton of characters, the developers decided to give them birthdays, adding to the game’s lore. While years aren\’t listed, one doesn’t need years to figure out zodiac signs. Forty-eight playable characters means that no two have the same birthday, so there’s a mix of different signs, making it easy for fans to discover which character they\’re most like.

Aries – Noelle

Genshin Impact's Noelle in her Hangout Ending

Noelle is kindness personified, a perfect Aries. This sign is one of the best to be around due to their sunny disposition. An Aries is never afraid to tackle challenges, no matter how many. As such, Noelle takes on far more than what is asked of her. She even knows how to fight with a claymore, and that\’s no easy feat.
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That said, she has a tendency to work a bit too much. The Aries sign can be stubborn and often charges ahead with no thought of the consequences. Noelle\’s heart is in the right place, but there are those who take advantage of her. She\’s constantly seeking validation for her efforts, a trait that is sometimes seen in Aries, and cares not where it comes from.

Taurus – Diluc

Genshin Impact Diluc.webp

Stability and consistency are a Taurus\’s bread and butter. They are very grounded and don\’t shy away from hard work. Though he has a substantial fortune thanks to the Dawn Winery, Diluc is as unfrivolous as any man. As he favors stability, he abstains from drinking alcohol.
Unfortunately for the Taurus sign, those born under it can sometimes have issues with authority. Diluc takes issue with the Knights of Favonius, saying that they take too long to do their job, although most of his anger stems from when his father died.

Gemini – Fischl

genshin impact trailer fischl

Geminis use clever wordplay to sway others to their way of thinking. Fischl, in her mind a princess, continuously speaks in an overly formal way that often draws attention. She genuinely appreciates those who go along with her mannerisms, especially since her parents won\’t.

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The thing about Geminis is that although they love their family, they can also be a source of great stress. Fischl\’s parents think she\’s too old to be playing make-believe, and Fischl isn\’t even her real name. She still loves them but doesn\’t visit that much.

Cancer – Barbara

Genshin Impact Barbara

Cancers are devoted to their professions, forgoing relaxation to complete their tasks. Barbara, having a Cancer\’s work ethic, is always on the move, maintaining her idol status by spreading joy to the people. Though she tries to stay positive, her desire to be recognized takes quite the toll on her.

The personality of a Cancer sign can be difficult to understand. They can be emotional and overly invested in friends and family. Barbara works hard to bring smiles to everyone\’s faces, but her mind becomes clouded when she thinks she hasn\’t done enough. It doesn\’t help that she feels inferior to her older sister and is obsessed with surpassing her.

Leo – Amber

Genshin Impact Amber

Amber is 100 percent a Leo because she is a natural-born leader who radiates confidence. Leos are all heart and have compassion in spades. A straight shooter with and without a bow and arrow, Amber loves talking to people and making them feel at ease.

When a Leo has their heart set on something, everyone else better get out of the way, as they won\’t stop until they get what they want. In Amber\’s case, her heart is set on becoming just as an amazing Outrider as her grandfather. From helping citizens to defending her home, she\’s determined to be the best.

Virgo – Ningguang

An industrious sign, Virgos are intelligent and practical. Ningguang is a well-respected businesswoman not afraid to put her whole self into bringing prosperity to her people. She\’s very calculating with everything she does and makes use of what few allies she has.
While diligent, Virgos can be overly critical of themselves and others. Outwardly, Ningguang is cold and ruthless when it comes to doing business. She may want the best for her people, but she can be terrifying about it.

Libra – Sayu

Genshin Impact Sayu Best Character Builds Explained

Sayu is an unconventional Libra. This sign usually represents extroverted and friendly people, whereas this little ninja is very reserved. However, Libras can sometimes be self-absorbed. Sayu spends most of her time sleeping in an attempt to grow taller, neglecting her duties in the process.

Additionally, this sign enjoys their alone time and thrives in a calm environment. Sayu uses her ninja skills to find the best places to hide and nap. She views her need to sleep as a better use of her time. Though she has a long way to go, she\’s not giving up.

Scorpio – Keqing

keqing genshin impact

Scorpios are deep, emotional people who go through life with fierce intensity. As a workaholic perfectionist with resolve as sharp as her sword, Keqing goes from dawn until dusk dealing with day-to-day issues afflicting her town. She works relentlessly because she cares about her people and is devoted to them.

Brave and ambitious, Scorpios run towards danger without a second thought and are single-minded in reaching their goals. Keqing is willing to do anything for her country and is determined to take on everything herself. She hates that people rely on gods and strives to be completely independent of them.

Sagittarius – Kaeya

Kaeya rubs his eye in Genshin Impact

The Sagittarius sign is outgoing and admired by all. Kaeya is confident to the point of arrogance and soaks up all the attention he gets. On top of that, he\’s very charismatic, which draws equal amounts of admiration and exasperation.

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Sagittarians like to forge their own paths and take risks. These traits might as well be a textbook definition of Kaeya, as he does whatever he can to get his way. Plus, he has a tendency to put people into high-stress situations. Despite his eccentricities, he\’s very passionate about those who threaten families, saying they should be \”hunted down and destroyed.\”

Capricorn – Diona

genshin impact diona best character builds

A Capricorn is of two very different personalities. On one hand, they are driven to complete lofty goals. On the other, they have a hard time overcoming barriers. Diona\’s goal is to take down the alcohol industry by serving awful drinks. However, she is unable to do this, as she was given magic to make all drinks taste good.
Once a Capricorn sets their mind to something, they don\’t stop until they reach their objective. As such, they rely mostly on themselves. Diona may be able to support herself with her bartending job, but she\’s still searching for a way to get rid of alcohol for good.

Aquarius – Rosaria

Genshin Impact Rosaria

Aquarius is a sign known for being rebellious and social. This fits Rosaria. She may be a nun, but she is constantly skipping church activities. Every Aquarius values their freedom and independence over anything else.

Other traits of an Aquarius include their offbeat fashion sense and nonconformist attitude. Rosaria is certainly not shy about expressing herself with her own version of fashion. And if she wasn\’t already an unconventional nun, she also enjoys alcohol, affirming her nonconformity.

Pisces – Bennett

Genshin Impact Bennett

This sign has big dreamers pursuing near-unreachable goals. Bennett\’s personality fits perfectly as he has a passion for adventure in spite of his constant bad luck. He\’s aiming to be a great adventurer no matter how many landslides or earthquakes he encounters.
Pisces are also very creative and prioritize others above themselves. Because of his bad luck, Bennett has had to come up with creative solutions to get himself out of crazy situations. In doing so he gets himself seriously injured. Unfortunately, he doesn\’t care about himself as much as he cares about others.

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