What separated Genshin Impact from other games that copied Nintendo’s ideas?

In my opinion Genshin impact separates itself from Nintendo’s Zelda buy actually being worse. I remember when I first heard about the game and seen the videos I thought that it was actually pretty cool that we could be getting decent Zelda clone for the PS4.

Once we received the game and it was free to play I realized that there was going to be a problem. First things first have you actually played the game? It’s nowhere near the graphical polish that Zelda produced. Considering the PS4 is 3x more powerful than the Switch it blows my mind what Nintendo has managed to do with the Switch. In my opinion Genshin went in the wrong direction by turning the game into an Anime based art style with a strong component of a half dressed underaged women. I dunno man, I felt like a pedophile playing the game, and for that matter I feel like that whenever I come across hentai porn. It makes me feel weird about even looking at it and I avoid that nonsense at all costs, but to each there own.

Also, the fact that it’s a free to play game but has a strong loot box, micro transactions component is disgusting to me. People that support these kind of games are the same people who complain about companies gouging consumers with out of control micro transactions like EA. To be honest I’m not surprised as the game was also released to mobile. It’s a scary time when the mobile game micro transactions/gems start creeping their way into home console gaming.

Anything that’s separated itself from Nintendo’s ideas aren’t that great and to me took a giant step backwards. From what I can see with multiple companies tying to copy Nintendo’s ideas have all been failures. Both Xbox and Sony even tried to copy the Nintendo Wii with motion control and both of them failed to reach the numbers that Nintendo has.

Genshin Impact was not the Zelda clone or killer I thought it could be, and a part of me feels like they had to make it free to play and go the anime route to avoid a potential lawsuit from Nintendo. People end up learning the hard way that if you want a Nintendo styled game, there’s only Nintendo and only they know how to make their games the best.

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