What unnecessary thing do you spend too much money on?

Few months ago I started playing this new game called Genshin Impact on my mobile. It got pretty good graphics, infact the best I have seen on a mobile device with such a huge open world to play on. The icing on the cake would be that it is free to download and play. Now I guess you understand where I am going, it being free game gives a lot of importance to the in game purchases and I really do not mind they doing that. The good part ends there as the money required to unlock a new 5 star character or pulling a desired 5 star weapon(Ofc Staff of Homa for those reading this and plays this game too) makes many go broke quite literally. If you ask why should anyone spend money on games its reasonable too but as the question asked what unnecessary thing I spent too much too much money on goes for this as I know the character or weapon I pulled will be obsolete when new ones roll out

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