What’s a good 800 dollar PC build? I will probably mostly play Minecraft at the beginning but play other games later too (my parents don’t let me play violent games so probably games like genshin impact). Should I buy a cheaper PC?

I tried to look on the lenovo site and a couple others to see if they have anything decent for the budget price as far as prebuilts go, but not currently. They did when I was looking last year before deciding to build my own. But GPU price and stock issue are hurting them and other places that sell them also. If you bought one without a dedicated GPU to add that later, you’d have to really watch to make sure it wasn’t one with a small case with no room for a GPU, or one with awful airflow, so just a consideration if you want to go pre-build rather then putting it together yourself. If you want to go prebuilt and find anything at your budget that you are wondering about, even a few months from now, feel free to comment on this post with a link and I’ll give you some feed back on if it seems like a good choice.

If you are looking to build yourself, then below is an initial draft list of parts around your budget that you can tweek, and some tips/comments on what I selected. Note that the price showing on the list total price is 30$ over 800$, but you can make it 800$, there’s just a couple different places you could choose to cut that extra 30$ out from (ex. can get by with just one of the two drives, could lower gpu budget, get a lower wattage psu if you don’t want to leave some overhead for upgrades, etc.). So read the below, ask any questions you have, and tweek the parts choices however you’d like. Also youtube videos on how to put together a pc (not anywhere as bad as people think it is, picking parts is the tough part and I’ve just done most of that for ya) and avoiding static electricity when building are your friends. 🙂


* Prices in black. Some of the prices on the list are green, others black. Pc part picker constantly shows you the cheapest price for parts currently available (green). Black are prices I have manually set. These are the prices you can get the parts at, but they are going in and out of stock a lot at the places that sell them that cheap. So if you are patient and wait anywhere from half a day to a week, when they come back into stock cheap, you can get them for a much better price then from the other places. So when they pop back in stock at those prices, that’s when to get them.

* GPU. Sadly anything that isn’t very old is not affordable right now for your budget, but if you wait for the prices to go back to normal you can get something fine in that price range. According to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8Aym7Z2PnQ&ab_channel=GameFrostYT it looks like Genshin Impact will play on the lowest settings on the i3-10100 CPU’s integrated graphics. Sooooo you could play that and games like minecraft and other older/lighter ones without having to buy a dedicated gpu yet. Then you can set aside the rest of the money and add a GPU later when the prices aren’t so crazy if you want to play anything more intensive. (They are really easy to plug in after the rest of the PC is built) On the list you will see I set aside 300$ for the GPU. That should get you something more then enough to play the kind of things you want to play once prices get back to normal. If you can ever save up to add 30-50$ more to that then supposedly the new 3060s are supposed to be around that price regularly. But that’s a wait and see situation.

* Can get 600W power supply of same brand if you don’t plan on doing heavy load gaming and won’t get that power hungry of a gpu to need a 750W, that would take ~10$ off the price. EVGA BQ 80+ Bronze 600W is 78$ currently. The 750W on the list now is 87$ If you google PSU tier list there’s a huge list people made that lists lots of PSUs and any issues certain models are known to have. This brand and model didn’t have anything listed for it when I checked so it’s a safe bet. You could get cheaper brands, then you run the risk of maybe having an issue down the line.

“In order to get the most stable performance with the card, Nvidia recommends a minimum PSU of 550W for the GeForce RTX 3060.”

Seems the 600W would be fine for the best GPU you’d be able to get for your budget (once GPU prices get back to normal), so depends if you want some overhead for future upgrades.

* I put two drives on there, you don’t need to keep them both, pick one or the other or both (if you do both put windows on the SSD and whatever games will fit) depending on your needs and money. SSDs are faster, but cost more per amount of space. So if you can live with less space and want to just get the SSD and have the speed, then get that. If you need more space and don’t care about the speed much or just want to save more money, get the HDD.

You could also get a 500GB M2 SSD for 60$: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/G9XYcf/crucial-p2-500-gb-m2-2280-nvme-solid-state-drive-ct500p2ssd8

* Case – Of course look through others in the price range if you want, there’s lots of styles. I added that one because it seemed like the best value at the price range, and is one I suggested to a friend. Not super fancy, but solid, and had both a full mesh front and top vent which is great for cooling. You may not need to worry about cooling now with the types of games you want to play, most likely you won’t have to. Buut.. what if 5-6 years from now you are playing more things and want to upgrade the pc and cooling matters? This case should hold up well enough to that possibility. If you ever get into heavier gaming there’s even room to put more fans for even better cooling (can get fans for 4–7$). So even though it’s a cheaper case, I think it’ll still hold up well into the future even if you want to step things up a bit more some day.

* CPU cooler – You may not need this right away for the things you want to play. Processors come with cheap simple ones that are fine if not doing heavy gaming. Though if you make due without a dedicated GPU for now it may be better to have one than not since the processor will have to handle your graphics load too. You can get software to monitor your pc temps for free and then if things start getting too hot into the 80s C then consider adding one. Added the one on the list to a friend’s pc and it’s been doing well for the price.

Sorry if I overloaded you here….. :/

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