What’s the best way to use wishes in Genshin Impact?

There are a few points to keep track of:

  1. When is your pity? This is the most important factor, as this affects everything else.
  2. Which banner are you aiming for? Are you trying to get weapons or characters? Limited time characters or permanent characters, or do you only want good weapons? (As a F2P, I aim for limited-time characters)
  3. If you’re pulling on the limited banners, whether it’d be characters or banners, are you aiming for a rate-up of 5-star or 4-star?
  4. If you’re pulling on a limited character banner and are aiming for the 5-star character, did you pull a 5-star character already?

I’ll explain the reasoning behind each point.

  • Pity:

The pity is when the gacha (or wish) system pretty much pities you and guarantees you the rare character/weapon. The pity for a 4-star is 10 pulls, and the pity for a 5-star is 90 pulls. Depending on your goal, this will change whether you pull in 10 pulls or single pulls. There is also a thing called soft pity, which is triggered on your 75th pull. If you’re aiming for a 5-star, you should start doing single pulls, as soft pity gradually increases your chances of getting the 5-star. Hard pity is a 100% guarantee, triggered at the 90th pull.

Oh, single pulls don’t increase your chances of getting the 5-star. It just saves you primogems.

For example, if the 5-star comes on the 77th pull, you would definitely want to do single pulls. That’s only two pulls after your soft pity. If you did another 10 pull after triggering soft pity, sure, you’ll still get the 5-star, but the extra 8 pulls are potentially wasted. If you do single pulls, you could save those 8 for the next pity.

  • Banner aiming:

If you’re a F2P player (like me), I recommend you only buy the Intertwined Fates (the pink ones) for the limited character banner. You’ll still have a 50/50 chance to get a permanent 5-star character (more about that later).

If you are willing to invest, keep in mind some players can spend over $100,000 and still be unhappy. This is a gacha game, after all.

However, if you are certain you do not want the currently limited character, nor are you interested in upcoming limited characters, feel free to invest in the weapon banner. No one’s stopping you.

  • 5-star or 4-star aiming

I had mentioned pity earlier. This is where it comes.

As an example, I’ll be showing Venti’s rerun.

What's the best way to use wishes in Genshin Impact?
What’s the best way to use wishes in Genshin Impact?

The 5-star character showcased here is Venti. The rate-up 4-star characters are Sucrose, Noelle, and Razor.

To clarify, you can still get the 4-stars even after this banner ends. This banner just increases the chances of you getting these 4-stars.

I had aimed for Venti, so I pulled in 10s until my soft pity, which triggers at 75. I then began pulling in singles, and he arrived at my 77th pull. My 8 pulls were saved for whichever character I wish to aim for next.

However, if I wished to get Razor’s constellations after getting Venti, I would then start pulling in single pulls, as the 4-star guaranteed pity is 10 pulls. If I pull Razor, Noelle two pulls after, then Razor again six pulls after Noelle (I wished this happened lol), I saved 12 wishes. If I pulled them in 10 pulls, I would’ve most likely gotten one character per 10 pull set, wasting the potential 12 wishes.

Also, pity resets after you get them. If you get a 4-star, your pity for a 4-star resets. If you get a 5-star, your pity for a 5-star resets.

I think you can get what I’m saying.

  • Limited 5-star character’s 50/50

I had mentioned you’re still able to pull a permanent 5-star character from the limited character banner when you reach pity. This is due to the 50/50 that haunts people’s wallets :’D

In short, the 50/50 is a 50% chance to get the limited 5-star character, and the other half goes to a random permanent 5-star character.

Luckily, the pity system made it so that if you happened to roll a permanent 5-star character (Keqing, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, or Jean), your next 5-star in the banner is guaranteed to be the limited 5-star character. But, if you roll a limited 5-star character, this does not make it so the next 5-star is guaranteed to be a permanent 5-star. This just reverts it back to a 50/50 percentage.

Some things to take note of:

  • There are three banners (excluding the Beginner’s Wish, which disappears after two ten pulls): the limited character banner, the limited weapon banner, and the permanent wish banner (which uses acquaint fates [the blue ones] instead). If you roll up to 50 (as an example; this can be any number) on the limited character banner, but it switches to another character, your pity count is carried over to the new character, so you don’t have to start from 0. However, it will not be counted towards permanent nor weapon banners (in short, other banners)
  • I believe the weapon banner is simply a rate-up, which means it’s still possible to get the weapons in other banners. It’s simply just the weapons having a lesser chance of dropping.
  • Permanent wish (which goes by the name “Wanderlust Invocation” as of now) will not have limited 5-star characters in the banner. The only 5-stars possible in this banner are Keqing, Qiqi, Mona, Diluc, Jean, and weapons.
  • You can only get the currently featured limited 5-star character from the specific banner. For example, the current banner is the Venti rerun, and the upcoming one is Childe’s rerun. If you wanted Venti but were unable to get him before Childe’s banner, although your pity is carried over, you will no longer be able to get Venti, as the featured 5-star character switched to Childe.
  • For my F2P viewers, as mentioned before, only use primogems for intertwined fates or just save it up. Do not use it for buying levels in the battle pass, restoring original resin, or acquaint fates (the blue ones). Intertwined fates are the ones used for limited 5-star characters. The permanent banner characters aren’t going anywhere, but your limited husbando/waifu is. Also, you can get acquaint fates from the battle pass for free anyway, as long as you work to level 50 each BP period. There are about 5 acquaint fates each period (one every 10 levels), which isn’t bad, as the banner is permanent and never going to change anyway.

And the most important thing:

  • No matter what characters you get, tier lists are trash.

Hope this helps! ^^

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