What’s the most damaging type of vandalism you’ve ever seen done to a computer?

What’s the most damaging type of vandalism you’ve ever seen done to a computer?

What happens if you try to replace an HDD on some computers? The Dell Vostro A840 got destroyed by the user, of course, for a penalty of a failed attempt to make changes on the HDD.
Circa 2020, same year where the laptop is brought at 979.000 VND in Q1 2020 and dead at circa Q3 2020. For a HDD storage upgrade, I attempted a HDD replace. Upon the final bolt, there’s a severe attack: the final bolt cannot open. Some hour later I had to close the mess up and back normal, 失败了 (pinyin: shi’bai’le – meaning: “failed”). But months and days later, the laptop cover failing, which led to the making of some shards. Day to day, parts of the laptop would broken, which on Q3 2020, the laptop screen would no longer work. It might turned into a desktop from a laptop, but when sending the laptop to professional, he says parts are dirty, and the computer died. I wrecked an cheap, brought-online laptop, leading to a waste of a my wallet cash.

For a penalty of ruining an laptop self-proposed online, parent say “don’t buy another laptop this time”. I asked: Why?

“The laptop you’re about to buy is used/refurbished, or eventually “Made in China”. That computer can be used temporarily, but are not solid enough for permanent usage. Or else if that laptop is like-new, 98%; you cannot even play games smoothly (and would face with lags)”, parent says.

(I’m mainly use potato apps and play a little amount of games, why?) I proven: “That laptop is like-new/99%!”.

“Your laptop you’ve picked is too slow for you to play games”, parent answers. (CSGO, League of Legends, Crossfire ??? Or literally: COD16 (Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Warzone), PUBG, Genshin Impact, etc. ?)

“If you want to have an laptop again, then wait until our land is sold and I will buy you a brand new laptop, eventually.” parents promising that she will buy a new laptop.

Oh, okay. “Under 10.000.000VND?” “≥10.000.000 VND, brand new. Even if the cost is ≥20.000.000VND I will also buy”.

What? ≥433.30US$ (≥10.000.000VND) ? ≥866.60US$ (≥20.000.000VND)? How about a higher price for MS365??? There’s 3 things I would needed to pick: An 1,429.46$ i7 11thgen ASUS TUF with an RTX 3060? Or estimate 2 to 10 days at home for i5 11thgen EVO Dell Inspiron laptop in the cost of US$ 1.178+? Or deal with an cheap 627$ i3 gen11 HP Pavilion laptop? Oh, parents say: “you can pick anything.”

Alright. I will wait.

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