When A Genshin Impact Ganyu Banner Rerun Will Happen

Genshin Impact has been out for over a year now and has accumulated quite a few playable characters in that time, a lot of which are limited 5-star characters who are only available for a few weeks at a time. To allow new players, and those who missed out the first time, the chance to get these characters, limited 5-stars are getting Banner reruns alongside new ones. There has been a handful of these at this point, but when will Ganyu get a Banner rerun?

Wishing for 5-star characters in Genshin Impact can be a difficult task. It takes 180 wishes or over 28,000 Primogems to guarantee the limited character (though players can certainly get them with fewer Primogems if they’re lucky). Gathering that number of Wishes without buying them with real money can take a very long time, which is why people start saving for their favorite characters as early as they can. Certain players have been waiting for a Ganyu rerun release date since her first run in early 2021. With the way things are going, Ganyu will hopefully be making her return very soon.

During Genshin Impact’s 2.3 livestream, it was announced that rerun Banners will be getting a new Wish system. Essentially, when there are reruns, there will be two 5 star characters featured at the same time but on their own Banner. This is being instituted because miHoYo has noticed that players are anxious to see their favorite characters get reruns and want to expedite the process. Having two rerun banners at a time with literally half the amount of time it takes to get through all the characters. It is likely that those who haven’t had a rerun yet, like Ganyu, will be available a lot sooner with this new system than before.

Genshin Impact: Ganyu May Get A Rerun Early 2022

In Genshin Impact 2.3, both Albedo and Eula will be the rerun characters. Excluding the Inazuma characters, Ganyu and Xiao will now be the only 5-stars to have not had a rerun, which makes it very likely that they will be coming next. Their first banners ran in January and February of this year, so they are certainly due to return. It would make sense, therefore, for both Ganyu and Xiao to have their rerun Banner release dates during Version 2.4. With 2.3 coming around November 24, following the usual six-week timeline, players can probably expect 2.4, and Ganyu’s Banner, to release in the first week of January.

Unfortunately, there is unlikely to be confirmation of this until much closer to the actual day. While miHoYo has begun to announce new characters a patch early, rerun characters seem to only be announced during the update livestream, as was the case with Albedo and Eula. Though it is possible that with this new Wish system, miHoYo will be more forthcoming with information about rerun characters, so Genshin Impact players can prepare.

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