When (& Why) Genshin Impact Offers Refunds

After the story of a Genshin Impact player spending $20,000 on their father\’s credit card went viral, Genshin Impact players have been querying whether HoYoverse offers refunds. While the father of the Genshin Impact player who racked up the credit card charges was fortunately able to get a full refund, typically Genshin Impact does not issue refunds for in-game purchases. Many players are concerned that attempting to refund transactions, even those made in error, might result in their account being banned.

Although Genshin Impact is free-to-play, its gacha mechanic and microtransactions have often been a point of contention. While it is possible to play Genshin Impact without spending money, the game’s gacha wish system is the only way to obtain new characters. Genshin Impact has multiple in-game currencies, some of which can only be obtained through gameplay, whereas others, like Genesis Crystals, can only be purchased. Genshin Impact offers multiple incentives for players to spend money, such as the initial top-up bonus, which awards players double the number of Genesis Crystals on their first purchase.

Since Genshin Impact’s release, players have wondered whether it\’s possible to receive refunds, especially in cases where a mistake has been made. A popular post on Reddit titled “Mihoyo, Customer Support and Refunding: A Cautionary Tale” warns Genshin Impact players to avoid requesting refunds for Genshin Impact transactions. The player describes their experience requesting a refund after they accidentally made the same transaction twice in a row. The player contacted miHoYo, which recently rebranded to HoYoverse, who advised the player to ask their service provider for a refund on the duplicate transaction.

Genshin Impact: Requesting Refunds May Result In Primogem Loss

The player went ahead and requested the refund but, a month later, received a message in Genshin Impact’s mail about their order refund request. The message says that requesting a refund may “lead to Primogem deduction or losing access to your in-game account”, and suggests that the player contact their bank to cancel the refund request. This in-game mail appears to have been received by many players, most notably those who topped up their in-game currencies using third-party websites, which is against Genshin Impact’s terms of service. Players who receive this notice can expect the Genshin Impact rewards associated with the refunded transaction (or those purchased from a third party) to be removed from their inventory.

It’s unlikely that players will be able to obtain refunds for purchases made in Genshin Impact, even those made in error, so they should exercise caution when making in-game purchases. While some Genshin Impact players have had success refunding transactions without reprimand, unfortunately there appear to be a dozen negative experiences for every success story. Additionally, the cautionary tales on Reddit serve as a reminder to Genshin Impact players that they shouldn’t buy Primogems from third-party sources, as they could risk losing all of the Primogems purchased, and possibly even lose access to their Genshin Impact account. As a result, some players have opted to cut their losses with Genshin Impact, rather than request a refund from the gacha game.

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