Whenever I try to download something (for example, Genshin Impact, Yandere SIM, etc.) I get redirected to Elmedia player. What should I do?

My guess is that Elmedia is now set to be the default application for handling downloads by your browser. The the things you can try (from least invasive to most):

  1. Disabling the Elmedia player extension in your browser
  2. Use another browser profile: for Chrome/Edge, click in the top right corner where you’ll see the icon for your profile and Select “Guest”, or follow these instructions to do this for FireFox
  3. Reset the browser setting to the defaults: for Chrome/Edge: Settings>Advanced>Restore setting to their original defaults Firefox instructions
  4. Uninstall Elmedia
  5. (the sledge hammer): Re-install Windows

There may be other options, but I can’t seem to find a surgical way to change the download handler (I suspect it would be in about:config / chrome://flags)

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