Where to Find All Floating Jellyfishes in Genshin Impact

Finding Floating Jellyfishes In Genshin Impact

Cloudleisure Steps, also referred to as \”Floating Jellyfishes,\” are platform puzzles in Genshin Impact found within the Golden Apple Archipelago, the limited-time region of the Summertime Odyssey Event. Cloudleisure Steps come in two forms. The default jellyfish serve as typical floating platforms. In contrast, the Floating Jellyfish marked with a boot symbol grants the player character a trampoline-like jump boost, similar to the Spoutrocks of The Chasm in Genshin Impact. Unfortunately, like other event activities within the Golden Apple Archipelago, these Floating Jellyfish will become unavailable once Summertime Odyssey is over.

The rewards for completing Cloudleisure Steps are similar to other platform puzzle compensations in Genshin Impact. Once completed, a chest will spawn nearby, granting the activity participant with a modest amount of Mora, Artifacts, Weapons, and Primogems. Naturally, many Travelers will be bewildered about how these new, unique Floating Jellyfish function and how each puzzle can be finished. Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple and requires only a little amount of mechanical skill in character movement.
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To complete a Cloudleisure Steps puzzle in Genshin Impact, Travelers must step onto every Floating Jellyfish that spawns in the air. There will always be a single Floating Jellyfish that triggers the platform puzzle. Using the Waverider\’s aerial dismount ability in Genshin Impact, land onto the jellyfish to generate several more platforms. Next, carefully jump onto each Cloudleisure Step to slightly change its color.

Finding Floating Jellyfishes In Genshin Impact

Where to Find All Floating Jellyfishes in Genshin Impact Map Locations

After a set of Cloudleisure Steps has been successfully activated, another group will spawn, often causing the previous batch to vanish. Accordingly, players must follow the path of Floating Jellyfish until none appear, after which a chest of loot will spawn on a nearby island. If the Traveler accidentally slips off from the jellyfish platforms and falls into the ocean, the puzzle must be redone from the beginning. Genshin Impact fans will be able to use whichever character they please to complete these puzzles, but the jump-boosting Cloudleisure Steps should provide enough velocity for any unit to traverse these platforms with ease.

Here is a list of all the locations within the Golden Apple Archipelago where Travelers can find and complete Cloudleisure Steps for minor rewards:
Cloudleisure Steps 1: west of Broken IsleCloudleisure Steps 2: west of the event\’s initial islandCloudleisure Steps 3: northeast of Minacious IsleCloudleisure Steps 4: northeast of Pudding IsleCloudleisure Steps 5: southeast of Twinning IsleCloudleisure Steps 6: far northeast of Twinning IsleCloudleisure Steps 7: north of the Waverider Waypoint on the small island west of Twinning IsleCloudleisure Steps 8: south of the island at the center of the map

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