Where To Get The Floral Zither In Genshin Impact

Where To Get The Floral Zither In Genshin Impact

Players are able to utilize a variety of gadgets in Genshin Impact. Some gadgets help with exploration and Food usage, while others may be there for aesthetic purposes, such as Genshin Impact’s mini Seelie traveling companion. The Floral Zither is a music gadget that players can use to play tunes.
Similar to other music gadgets, the Floral Zither was obtainable through its exclusive event, “Tuned to the World’s Sounds.” This event involved the Anemo-user Kazuha, who gifted players the Floral Zither to play music with other characters. In this event, players were given the opportunity to perform set songs with certain characters as a duet.

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Players who obtained a certain number of points in the rhythm minigame were able to obtain the Floral Zither gadget to keep as a souvenir. This gadget can be used in the open-world and will not work within Domains in Genshin Impact. Players who missed the opportunity to receive the gadget during the event will still be able to obtain it a different way, however.

Genshin Impact: Floral Zither Purchase Location and Cost

Genshin Impact Floral Zither Purchase Location and Cost

The Floral Zither is similar to the Windsong Lyre in that it has a range of C3 to B5 but lacks sharps and flats. Players can play multiple notes at once, though they will not be able to hold notes down like the event had shown. The Floral Zither can be found in Liyue Harbor. Players can take the teleport closest to Katheryne and find the NPC Granny Shan. Granny Shan owns the Toy Shop, which is indicated by a chest-like icon on the map.

In Granny Shan’s shop, players will be able to purchase the Floral Zither for 150,000 Mora. Unlike Mondstadt’s Souvenir shop, players will not be able to purchase anything other than the instrument here. For Character Ascension Materials and Weapon Ascension Materials, players can visit Mingxing Jewelry. Players will also be able to purchase four Memory of Immovable Crystals, which unlocks the Constellations for the Geo Traveler in Genshin Impact.
As for the Floral Zither, players will be able to access this instrument in the Gadgets menu after purchase. When players perform using the Floral Zither, other players in the same world will be able to hear the sounds. This makes for a great activity in Genshin Impact if players enjoy performing for others.

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