Where to Make Offerings at Perches in Genshin Impact (Through The Mists World Quest)

The 2.2 update in Genshin Impact adds a new island to Inazuma for players to explore named Tsurumi Island. Like many of the other islands, the weather is a problem that needs solving here. In this case, the entire island is shrouded in fog.

In the new world quest “Through The Mists,” players will drive back the fog, at least partially. The quest takes players all around Tsurumi Island to find perches. Touching a perch scatters feathers that players will have to retrieve. This can be a daunting task through the thick fog, but the feathers do glow as well as show up on the mini-map.

Once all three feathers are back in their place on the tree in Genshin Impact, players can make an offering at the perch. This restores the tree, and clears the area of fog. Players will need to do this a total of four times in four different locations throughout the island.

Locations of the Perches on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact

It is important to note that players must first finish the “Seirai Stormchasers” world quest in Genshin Impact, which has its own qualifications. For those not at this point yet, keep doing archon quests and world quests, and eventually, “Through the Mists” should show up. Players meet some of the inhabitants of the island, who seem a little strange. It might be permissible, considering that they have been isolated from the other islands of Inazuma for so long. Still, they ask for the player’s help in completing the offering at the first perch. They explain the history of the island, and the god that resides there, and how the offerings will clear some of the fog.

The first perch is a bit of a freebie. It is located just west of the archway that players go through to clear some of the mists, and serves as an introduction to the new gameplay mechanic unique to Genshin Impact\’s Tsurumi Island. The feathers all land nearby and are easy to find. Upon touching them, they will return to the tree. These trees are reminiscent of the Thunder Sakura trees on Kannazuka, but at least here the player doesn’t need to worry about repeatedly getting struck by lightning. The real test is the three perches that take place after. They can be completed in any order, but since they take place on different parts of the island, Cherai Shrine is the closest to the first perch.

The perch at Cherai Shrine is easy enough, so long as players don’t get lost. Navigate by either using the glow through the fog or look at the mini-map to find the feathers and return them to the perch. Next up is Shirikoro Peak, which is by far the most difficult perch. Finding all three feathers is a lengthy endeavor with multi-part puzzles. Players get a taste of the difficulty they are in for when they touch the perch, and the feathers go underwater. Players need to find a way to drain the pool below the perch.

With a name like Shirikoro Peak, one would expect climbing was required. Instead, once players drain the water, they find a large underground cave to explore. It turns out that some of the feathers aren’t ready to return home. Instead, they lead players through enemies, a locked door only accessible by solving a puzzle, more enemies, and another locked door with even more complex puzzles. Genshin Impact may be many things, but simple is not one of them.

Still, there are good things about the cave below Shirikoro Peak in Genshin Impact. It is a fun area and is well-designed, which can’t be said about every puzzle found throughout the world. There are also multiple rewards within, as well as optional side puzzles in the area that players can attempt for even more rewards. Finally, the fog does not form here, so players can find their way around without getting lost as they attempt to solve the puzzles.

The fourth perch that players must clear is found at the Autake Plains in Genshin Impact. This perch is weirdly enough on a hill. When the feathers scatter into the distance, finding them is not the difficult part. This perch is one where combat plays an important role, as players must fight against Rifthound Whelps of various elemental types. If players have not faced them already, it’s important to know that Rifthound attacks deal corrosion damage, which damages all members of a party over time. Not even shields protect against this. They also get stronger when attacked with their element type, eventually entering their Elemental Devourer state. Though this does cause them to become weaker to that element.

For example, attacking a Thundercraven Rifthound Whelp with Electro attacks enough times will cause it to enter the Elemental Devourer state. This also applies with any elemental reactions that use electro, such as Overloaded or Superconduct. One of the feathers at the Autake Plains perch leads to an area where players must fight a Thundercraven Rifthound, which is a stronger, more mature version of the Thundercraven Rifthound Whelp. It is the Geovishap to the Geovishap Hatchlings found in Liyue. Around the area where the Thundercraven Rifthound inhabits is a Hilichurl camp with dead Hilichurls, which shows just how dangerous these things can be.

When players have finished making offerings to all four of the perches, they will return to the Moshiri Ceremonial Site to obtain the Maushiro. All that’s left is to return to Kama next to the Statue of the Seven to leave the island. Upon returning from the island, players will talk to Sumida. This completes the first part of the quest. If the player just follows the areas needed to find the perches, then they still have much of the island to explore. There are chests to find, challenges to complete, and Shrine of Depths to unlock.

Players will need to be careful because though so much of the island is now visible, there are areas still covered by the fog. If the player goes too deeply or lingers too long, they will get lost, and the game returns them to a previous location. Like other quests in Genshin Impact, players return the next day to find that more of the questline waits for them. It turns out that there are still plenty of mysteries remaining on Tsurumi Island.

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