Which character in Genshin Impact do you think has the best character design?

To make things easier (technically harder for myself) I’ll do a worst character design and a best character design. Now in terms of personal look,I think all the characters have their own style which makes them really pop out. So I’ll be focused on gameplay design.

Worst character design


  • Has a very small super that can problematic to use
  • Baron Bunny takes too much effort while also having a very small aoe
  • Her desire to aim without any benefits makes her hard to use
  • Can be boring to use
  • It doesn’t connect to who she is

What could be done to make Amber better

  • Make burst similar to her title of outrider, like her burst is where she shoots herself in the air and then can shoot out arrows from above with no charge. This fits her whole thing being that she’s a great flyer and it would make her feel a lot more special.
  • Baron Bunny needs to be stronger or should be able to be directed to run towards opponents to do damage directly.
  • her 2nd passive should, make it so that you aimed shot get. a damage boost if your baron bunny hits opponents and gives a percent damage boost per opponent
  • Her first ability should make her burst last longer and have her arrows have a small aoe.

Best character game design

I would say Albedo:

  • Balanced
  • supports with elemental mastery boost and energy
  • gives off good damage
  • Can be made to be a burst dps or skill based
  • has a good role as a battle support
  • his kit has synergy with everyone, especially with geo set or burst set
  • has a good constellation that makes a character become stronger and more useful

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