Which character will fit the best with a team that consists of DIluc, Razor, and Qiqi? Or is it a bad idea to put Diluc and Razor together?

By Genshin Fandom standards it’s not good to put Diluc and Razor together because they’re both main dps, however you should honestly put whatever characters you feels comfortable playing with on your team.

I plan on adding Diluc as pyro support for Razor and Traveler just because i like those three characters.

But if you really care about the whole main dps/sub dps and supports then separate them.

Razor (Main dps)

Barbara/Xingqiu/Mona as hydro support

Qiqi/Diona/Kaeya as cryo support

Bennett/Barbara as healer/pyro support

Use cyro and hydro for frozen reactions or cyro and Razor for super conduct. And since Razor’s a claymore he’ll need to be in the middle of battle often so he’ll need a healer when he gets low.


Diluc(main dps)

Barbara/Xingqiu/Mona as hydro support

Qiqi/Diona/Kaeya as cryo support

Bennet for ATK boost from pyro/ Sucrose or other anemo character.

Same thing as the first with cyro and hydro for the frozen reactions or vaporize/melt. Since it’ll be two pyro characters on the same team you’d get a atk boost with Bennet or any pyro character. Or you could use an anemo character for swirl reactions.

But if you really want to use those two in the same team then i recommend just getting a shield character like Xinyan/Noelle. Not Diona though because it wouldn’t help have two cyro.

And Qiqi is already a healer so unless you’re using Bennett it wouldn’t make sense to have a double healer.

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