Which Genshin Impact 4-Star Character Is Best (& Why)

Genshin Impact steadily releases new characters every version update – including the newly teased Polearm-users Shenhe and Yun Jin – but the 4-Star character who has remained highly sought after for countless months (and most likely many more) is none other than Pyro sword-user Bennett. Widely recognized as an SS-Tier Utility character, Bennett is able to keep his party alive with his exemplary healing while supplying them with a large ATK Bonus. His versatile Support skills and DPS capabilities are why Bennett is Genshin Impact’s best 4-Star character.

Discovered by an adventurer as an orphaned baby, Bennett was raised by Mondstadt’s Adventurer’s Guild. He is the leader and creator of “Benny’s Adventure Team,” though due to his constant misfortune and penchant for bad luck, he remains the only member. Players can witness this misfortune firsthand through Bennett’s Hangout Event in Genshin Impact. Katheryne of the Adventurers’ Guild, unable to break his heart, keeps his Team safely on the books. Despite it all, Bennett remains a highly optimistic and friendly Adventurer.

Aside from his inspiring, yet bittersweet, backstory, Bennett is a popular character due to his utility and versatility as both a Support and DPS character. Aided by his Pyro Vision, Bennett is able to keep up with other DPS characters, aiding his party members by providing both healing and a DMG buff in one kit. Using Bennett’s best character builds, players will be able to easily utilize Bennett to fit any role they need.

Genshin Impact: Bennett’s Powerful Talents Explained

Bennett’s Elemental Burst – Fantastic Voyage – is arguably one of the best Bursts in Genshin Impact. The Burst heals characters up to 70% HP; when characters are above 70% HP, Bennett will give a damage bonus that scales off his base ATK, lasting about 12 seconds. The Cool Down (CD) only lasts 15 seconds, which is roughly three seconds of downtime if Bennett’s Energy Recharge is properly invested into. Even built as a Support character, Bennett’s scaling for this skill is fairly high, touching down at about 420% at Level 10.

Passion Overload – Bennett’s Elemental Skill – has a few different ways to be used. On press, Bennett will perform a single, Pyro-infused attack. On hold and charged to Level 1, Bennett performs the same attack with an upward slash. On hold and charged to Level 2, Bennett will perform two strikes that end in an explosion that launches both him and his opponent.

Bennett’s Passive, Rekindle, reduces Passion Overload’s CD by 20%, which makes gaining Elemental Particles for his team much easier. Fearnaught is another one of Bennett’s Passive skills; while inside Fantastic Voyage’s radius, this adds an additional 50% reduction to Passion Overload’s CD as well as cancels the launch effect of his Charge Level 2. His third and last Passive Skill – “It Should Be Safe…” – aids his expedition in Mondstadt, reducing the time consumed by 25%. When it comes to cooking in Genshin Impact, this Passive makes it easier to obtain needed ingredients.

Genshin Impact: Bennett’s Healing, DMG Support, and DPS Versatility

Depending on how a player would like to build him, Bennett has a variety of Artifact sets that work well on him. Bennett’s most popular Artifact set as a Support is the Noblesse Oblige set, which gives a 20% Elemental Burst DMG increase at 2-Pieces and a 20% ATK increase for all party members following an Elemental Burst at 4-Pieces. In other words, after using his Burst to heal his party members and buffing their damage, Bennett will be able to provide an extra 20% ATK increase for his team.

Additionally, despite Bennett’s cap at 70% HP, it is possible to receive healing beyond that. If a healing tic completes at 69% HP, Bennett is able to heal a final tic which can bring the character’s HP well over the 70% threshold. In terms of DMG buffs, Bennett is ideal when aiding the damage of the main DPS. Since Fantastic Voyage constantly applies Pyro to all beings inside of its radius, Bennett is often used by players who enjoy showcasing single-hit kills on difficult Genshin Impact bosses. His sustained Burst allows plenty of time for players to set up and stack their team’s skills in order to land an impressive Elemental Reaction hit.

In a DPS role, players can use a build that focuses on Bennett’s Physical DMG output in order to take advantage of the jumping attack of his Elemental Burst, which scales off of Bennett’s base ATK. Artifacts such as a 2-piece set of Gladiator’s Finale – which adds an 18% ATK bonus – and a 2-piece set of Bloodstained Chivalry – which adds a 25% Physical DMG bonus – work well on Bennett. These Artifacts, along with one of Genshin Impact’s best swords, can turn Bennett into a one-man healer, buffer, and attacker.

Genshin Impact: Bennett’s Mighty Constellations (& The Controversial C6)

As for unlocking Constellations in Genshin Impact, Bennett’s most popular Constellations to pull for are his C1 and C5. His Constellations are extremely helpful for his role in team compositions. At C0, Bennett already provides healing and a tremendous ATK Bonus, but C1 – Grand Expectation – neutralizes the barrier that requires characters to be above 70% HP in order to receive the ATK buff, and it gives Fantastic Voyage an additional 20% of Bennett’s Base ATK.

Bennett’s C2 provides a 30% increase in Energy Recharge when his HP falls below 70%. C3 provides the typical three-level increase to his Elemental Skill, while C4 allows Bennett to perform an additional attack of Passion Overload’s Charge Level 1. Bennett’s C5 is popular because it gives a three-level increase to his Elemental Burst, making the ATK scaling and DMG Bonus Ratio even higher. Many players strive to achieve C1 Bennett at the very least and C5 at the most. Unlike Aloy in Genshin Impact, Bennett’s Constellations offer a variety of build choices.

The activation of Bennett’s C6 is a highly controversial topic. “Fire Ventures with Me” allows Sword, Claymore, and Polearm-users inside of Fantastic Voyage’s radius to gain a Pyro-infusion along with a 15% Pyro DMG Bonus. Many players opt to leave this Constellation untouched because it causes Bennett to lose his versatility in team compositions, especially those that favor Physical DMG builds. Since his C6 caters to Pyro-users and characters whose Elemental DMG cannot be overridden, he will only be viable in those select team compositions. With new characters constantly being added to the roster, such as Genshin Impact’s Shenhe and Yun Jin, other players may be wary about setting this permanent restriction on a rare SS-Tier ranked Utility character such as Bennett.

It is entirely up to each individual player to decide how they would like to build their Bennett. As stated before, new characters are always being released along with constant Genshin Impact Beta Test leaks. There may be a Support character that rivals even Bennett in the future, bringing in more options for Utility. For now, whether built as a universal healer and buffer or as a powerful Pyro composition Support, Bennett remains Genshin Impact’s best 4-Star character.

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