Which Genshin Impact Characters Have The Highest HP

All Genshin Impact characters scale off a certain attribute, whether it be support or a DPS role, though characters with the highest HP values are generally useful for their durability. During initial release, most characters were ATK scaling, meaning that their talents and even certain Genshin Impact character utility passives increased along with their overall ATK, rendering DEF and HP artifacts practically useless. However, with newer character additions and newer artifact sets, other attributes became just as valuable.

While most characters still scale off of overall ATK, some characters differ and scale off of other attributes such as DEF, Elemental Mastery, or HP. In Genshin Impact, HP works exactly that same as in other games. When HP reaches 0, the character falls in battle and can no longer be used in combat until revived. However, the characters with the highest HP are not necessarily healers or supporters.

According to GenshinLab, a fan-run site with detailed data ranging from guides on team compositions to characters with the highest revenue, the characters with the highest HP are also considered top-tier characters. Builds for Genshin Impact characters can vary, but for some characters, stacking HP is the way to go. The top two highest HP characters are obvious, but the ones after that may come as a surprise. Here are the Genshin Impact characters with the highest base HP.

Genshin Impact Characters In First & Second Place For Highest HP

It is no surprise that Genshin Impact\’s Hu Tao has the highest base HP stat. Being the Head of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor goes hand-in-hand with her risky playstyle. Hu Tao\’s offensive abilities all scale off of her maximum HP. In fact, the lower her current HP, the more damage she deals. She can also heal herself for greater numbers if her current HP is low.

That Zhongli has the second highest base HP. Zhongli often places first in the best Geo characters of Genshin Impact. His shields scale off of overall HP and can prevent and nullify all enemy damage. When Zhongli\’s Elemental Skill is used at its maximum capability, the whole party can achieve victory without even a single HP lost. Jean ties for second place, as while both of Jean\’s offensive and defensive skills scale off of overall ATK, she has a base HP equal to Zhongli. Jean is a jack of all trades that can heal, provide crowd control, and hit hard. Jean can fully heal the whole party with one click and can group up enemies for easy AoE damage.

Genshin Impact Characters In Third & Fourth Place For Highest HP

Kaedehara Kazuha takes third place for highest HP, surprisingly. Kazuha scales off of Elemental Mastery, so it\’s odd to see him place so high on the overall HP list. He can provide a massive amount of elemental damage to party members and chain elemental reactions with his Elemental Burst. He is also the most popular character in Genshin Impact\’s Spiral Abyss.

Mondstadt\’s Albedo and Eula place fourth in highest base HP. They are also a strange pair to be seen with high HP. Albedo and Eula scale off of DEF and ATK, respectively. Albedo and Eula are also considered top-tier characters, usually ranking just one tier below the highest. Albedo provides constant off-field Geo DMG and Elemental Mastery boost to party members when using his Elemental burst. Eula deals powerful physical DMG, and as a claymore user, can take out multiple enemies at once.

It\’s interesting to see how HP is used differently in Genshin ImpactHP has both defensive and offensive capabilities, and characters with a different scaling attribute can utilize the many different artifact sets, such as the new Ocean-Hued Clam Set, making Genshin Impact healers viable again. With so many current playable characters and even more coming, it\’ll be fun to see how each character scales and what they can provide in combat.

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