Which Genshin Impact Daily Commissions Are Easiest (& Why)

In Genshin Impact, daily commissions are an integral part of players\’ daily routine of in-game tasks. Completing a commission rewards 10 Primogems, Adventure EXP, Mora, and Companionship EXP according to the player\’s current Adventure Rank. After completing all four daily commissions, players may report to the Adventurers\’ Guild at any branch to earn bonus rewards. Additionally, completing eight daily commissions earns players one story quest key – used in opening one available story quest. With various daily commissions in Genshin Impact, which are the easiest to complete?

Upon reaching Adventure Rank 12, Genshin Impact players will earn access to daily commissions that refresh every 4:00 AM. Only daily commissions within Mondstadt will be available initially. To gain access to Liyue daily commissions, players must complete Prologue Act II: \”For a Tomorrow Without Tears and New Horizons of Adventure\” quest. Meanwhile, players must first complete Chapter II Act I: \”The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia\” Archon quest and \”Katheryne in Inazuma\” quest to open Inazuma daily commissions.

Genshin Impact daily commissions are assigned randomly. Typically, daily commissions require considerable effort to complete. With so much to do in Genshin Impact, some players may choose to ignore these daily commissions in favor of other activities. Nonetheless, players may anticipate a variety of simple daily commissions that can be accomplished within a minute.

Genshin Impact Daily Commission: Ellin, The Wannabe Knight

After completing The Limitations of an Adventurer daily commission, Genshin Impact players will receive the \”Ellin, The Wannabe Knight\” quest in their future four daily commissions. In this commission, players must look for a Mondstadt NPC named Ellin, an avid fan of Genshin Impact character Jean. While practicing for the Knights of Favonius tryouts, Ellin is caught in confusion as she looks for a way to destroy all five training dummies at once. To complete this Mondstadt commission, players must destroy five training dummies in two seconds. The training dummies in the commission have several variations, including five training dummies in a line, five dummies in a large semi-circle with a brazier in the middle, five dummies in a smaller semi-circle, and six dummies split into two groups.

There are several ways to destroy all training dummies at once in Genshin Impact\’s \”Ellin, The Wannabe Knight\” commission. One of the simplest ways to complete the challenge is to use a claymore-wielding character\’s spinning Charged Attack. Players may also start from the Teleport Waypoint located in a tower in Mondstadt and use plunging attacks to destroy all training dummies within the time limit. Players may also employ Genshin Impact\’s elemental skills such as Pyro and Anemo in destroying training dummies. Afterward, players must report back to Ellin to complete the commission.

Genshin Impact Daily Commission: Pirate Invasion, In Liyue Harbor!

The \”Pirate Invasion, In Liyue Harbor!\” daily commission in Genshin Impact assigns players to play a pirate-themed game with three NPC kids in Liyue, namely Little Meng, Little Lulu, and Little Fei. To begin the commission, Traveler must initiate a conversation with the children located at Liyue Harbor. The Liyue commission comes in three versions, depending on which NPC is assigned to the player. Completing all three possible versions grants the Pirates! Argh! achievement.

In Little Meng\’s version, players are tasked to clean four distinct sections of the deck using Genshin Impact Anemo Elemental skill for stains and Hydro Elemental skill for leaf piles. If players were assigned with Little Lulu\’s version, they will be asked to look for two Lotus Heads. Meanwhile, Little Fei\’s version asks players to acquire only one Lotus Head. It should be easy to complete Little Lulu and Little Fei\’s versions if players already have a Lotus Head in their inventory.

Genshin Impact Daily Commission: Playing With Fire… Works

\”Playing With Fire… Works\” is one of Genshin Impact\’s simplest daily commissions. This daily commission is only available in Inazuma as it includes an NPC from the region. Players must first meet Naganohara Ryuunosuke, the father of Yoimiya, in Narukami Island to start this commission. He will inform Traveler in Genshin Impact about a new pyrotechnic he invented. Ryuunosuke will then request that Traveler test three new pyrotechnics outside the city.

Players must then navigate to the next quest location. There will be three spots in the quest area indicated by an arrow where players should test the fireworks. After testing all three pyrotechnics, players may report back to Naganohara Ryuunosuke to complete the commission. Unlike other commissions, \”Playing With Fire… Works\” does not require players to use any Elemental skills nor engage in battle with enemies in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Daily Commission: Increasing Danger

In Genshin Impact\’s Increasing Danger daily commission, the player\’s objective is to destroy two hilichurl towers. Mondstadt, Liyue, and Genshin Impact Inazuma region are all possible locations for this commission. Several enemies will be present in the quest area, preventing players from destroying the towers. A new wave of opponents may also appear after the first tower is destroyed. Meanwhile, the Increasing Danger commission in Narukami Island does not spawn extra waves of enemies.

Although Genshin Impact Increasing Danger daily commission may seem challenging due to the number of enemies present, it is possible to finish the commission without defeating or even battling any enemy. For instance, players may choose to ignore enemies and rush to destroy towers. Players may also use their strongest bow-wielding characters to aim at the two towers and destroy them from afar.

As more regions become available for exploration in Genshin Impact, it is expected that new daily commissions will arrive as well. After the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, players may now choose their preferred region to do daily commissions. This update is an excellent concept since it addresses several issues related to the excessive repetition of daily commissions that certain players find annoying. Hopefully, developer miHoYo will continue to broaden the range of available daily commissions.

Regardless of how far Genshin Impact has progressed with its new events and story quests, daily commissions remain one of the features that players look forward to as they log in. Not only does it provides rewards, but it also adds to the overall gameplay experience. It will be interesting to see what future updates in Genshin Impact have in store regarding daily commissions.

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