Which Snapdragon processor is best for PUBG?

The best Snapdragon is Snapdragon 888

However android is not good for pubg simply for the fact that they can’t provide you constant 60 fps under extreme conditions like end circles(5 and 6) filled with 40+ players . infact these androids can’t even give 20 fps under such extreme conditions .and these conditions occur under pro scrims and very high tier games ,so those 1 kd bronze tech reviewers cant tell about this … for further proof, just ask yourself one question” if one plus and rog provided 60 fps why do eSport team managers spend 5 lakhs yearly on. Buying iphones when they can get 5 rog/oneplus for 2.5 lakhs” ?

Android=???????? . Android is cheap but not better . android woudl never reach the iOS level. It’s only good for playing genshin impact lmao

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