Which video games are better to play on mobile than on a console?

I’d say that the order of games in terms of quality goes PC > Console > Mobile.

I don’t think any game on mobile should be better on console, it just doesn’t make much sense.

One game that comes to mind though is Genshin Impact, because Mobile is connected with PC, whereas Console is a platform of its own. Since PC versions of games are by far superior to Console versions (Sorry console people, consoles are just cheaper PCs. If you have the money, PC is better than console in every way. Even though a console costs less, long term costs of controller replacements and monthly subscriptions do start adding up).

The biggest factor of mobile is it being easily accessible. If there is a game that requires constant checking or something of the sort, then it can be arguably better on mobile that PC.

And ofc when I’m saying mobile I’m referring to your average Iphone or Samsung phone.

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