Who are you beyond Quora?

I’ve been waiting to answer this one.

I’m a Filipino catholic girl who moved to a new county, just before I started middle school.

I’m someone who’s quiet, and kind of lonely at school. But I let myself loose in orchestra. I constantly participate and I strive to be the best violinist and musician in my class. There was a time in my life where I brought home by violin every single day, some days I’d practice for hours just repeating the same thing over and over again because It brings me great joy. Not really efficient must I say. Another reason why I practiced for quite some time is to get a callus. A callus. I Had no idea why I was so obsessed with it. Glad that’s over.

Now I’ve shorten it to 30 minutes-2 hour practice sessions. Right now I’m learning Bach’s double violin concerto, and I’ll learn both parts because most of my best friends are pianists.

Perhaps it was my love of orchestra and Twoset violin (check them out, pretty entertaining classical violinist duo on YouTube.) that led me to my love of classical music. I wish I had music nerd classmates to talk to. Not really a common music taste for people my age but with the rise of cottagecore and dark/light academia playlists I’m sure more would like it. My favorite composers are Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, and J.S Bach. Debussy, Shostakovitch and Liszt are slowly creeping up on me though.

For sure, my love of classical music led me to starting piano. Or maybe it was my parents who decided to give me piano lessons when I asked for violin lessons. I accepted though since I was interested. Fun Fact, the first piece I ever worked on was Fantasie Imromptu! For my piano gang out there you know it’s difficult. I don’t know how insane I was when I thought “Lets learn this an I’ll be able to play this within a year!”

A Link to the piece for non piano gang out there:

I can only play like around 25% to 50% of the speed. Those polyrhythms though. Right now I’m learning a butt ton of things (probably not a good idea). I’m learning Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 No.2, Chopin’s Grande Valse Brillante, Liszt’s Liebustruam, Rachmaninoff’s 2nd piano concerto (I cant barely play a 9th what am I doing learning this concerto) and Debussy’s arabesque no.1 (This one I have hope for since I completed the first page)

And I also like anime! My current favorite is haikyuu, and I like tsukishima (No idea how I ended up liking that salty lamp post but here I am) Recently I’ve been getting more into shoujo-love story stuff. Recommendations are greatly appreciated!

If you can tell by my pfp, I’m a genshin impact player. Starting Dec 4 2020 and now at Adventure Rank 44. I proudly main diluc (Got him on the xiao banner-) and I’ll bring venti the femboy bard home. I want that 1mil damage.

In summary, I’m an orch dork, a music nerd, a weeb, and a casual gamer.

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