Who are your top 10 anime waifus (with pics)?

Let me answer with a single picture that contains all my interests so far. Also, to save space and data. I used to make this pic when my friend asked, and It’s still relevant till now, I’d say.

Who are your top 10 anime waifus (with pics)?
Who are your top 10 anime waifus (with pics)?

Though I have seen a lot of anime/manga, there are rarely girls that really caught my attention. There are a lot that I think “Oh, she’s pretty cute”, “She’s good and nice”. but often when the series ended I just happened to quickly forget about them.

This list is the girls that I really think ‘attractive’ and still remember until now. Perhaps because of their unique characteristics and their peculiar beauty.

Well, I know, not all of them are from anime. There are also some that comes from games. But since they’re already in the picture, I will also list them.

List from up to down, left to right:


  • Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown. My all-the-time favorites even until now. Though there are a lot of other characters that I saw before her, I wasn’t as attracted as when it comes to when I first saw Inori. She’s calm, quiet, devoted, genuine, and her singing also beautiful. She’s the singer of the well-known digital artist EGOIST.
  • Takao from Arpeggio of Blue Steel. The first time I saw her, I thought she’s rather arrogant and sometimes over dramatic. But as the shows goes on, I begin to think “Oh, she’s a pretty fun girl”. A mild tsundere and very loyal when it comes to her cherished one.
  • Tokisaki Kurumi from Date A Live. ‘Waifu of Millions People’. Twisted yet daring characteristic, strong abilities, astonishing beauty in character design. What’s there not to like about her.
  • Krulcifer Einfolk from Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. The first time I saw her, I can immediately thought “I bet she’s the best girl in the series”, and I’m not wrong. Mature and elder-sister like, sly and composed, teaseful yet caring. The other’s girl are all like to beat around the bush. Take initiative, be straightforward, and claim that guy which you like.
  • Cynthia/Shirona from Pokemon (anime and games). At first she’s just eyecatching, and back then I rarely liked any pokemon girls character. As time goes on, I played from pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black and White, I becomes attracted to her more and more.

FGO (game from Fate series: Fate Grand/Order), one of the most long-time game I played:

  • Altria Pendragon Alter (Saber Alter). My first cherished SR. A cool, edgy, and one of the strongest SR saber class. In summer form, she can be both a maid or a sniper. Fit for a partner in crime, I bet.
  • Tamamo no Mae. Nothing can defeat the power of foxgirl that wants to be a good housewife. The merry and moe characteristic is way off charts. She can also cast powerful spell and be a good support to party in battle.
  • Marie Antoinette. Everlasting bright, cheerful, sparkling idol. Mood booster and full of love.
  • Florence Nightingale. Oh I wonder if I ever be nursed by her everyday. The first girl that I maxed out and grail to level 100. I bet she won’t even let a single harm fell to you.
  • Bradamante. Another bright, happy-go-lucky girl that I maxed to level 100. Pretty innocent and charitable, even though she’s also seems pretty dumb and like to shows her ass.

GFL (Girl’s Frontline: Also one of the game that I really enjoy)

  • OTS-14/Groza: Absolute depiction of Russian beauty, no matter what costumes she wear. Daring, composed, and strong. Known as “Night Queen” because of her overwhelming strength in night battle. The very first character that I oathed (Gave ring in the game).
  • K5: This girl that loves to do fortune-telling is somewhat pretty easy-going and bright. She often really gives a good quote or advice, though it just a whim. She’s just wonderful.
  • IWS2000: Seems plain and sincere, but always do her best to try and help. A girl that always want to be the strength for the commander and cherish all the things she got. Seems like that at first, but actually a wild beast on the battlefield… that her shots is too much overkill.
  • AUG: Emo girl that seems sad all the time. The funeral flower covering the ashes and burns, she’s the only one who could make death to be a such mesmerizing view. A calm expression as one girl walk under the rain, what’s there not to like about this scene? She’s the kind of girl that asked you to take a walk when it’s raining outside, just to be able to lean onto you closer under the same umbrella.
  • M82A1: First, she looks a lot like Yuzuriha Inori (same artist, character design). Her calm expression also looks a lot like her. Well on other note, she’s really devoted to her commander as if there’s nothing else matters other than your will only.

Other Game (notable, though some of them have fairly lack in characters depth):

  • Seeger from Illusion Connect. Very wise and understanding. Strong, calm, and collected. Quite religious.
  • Izayoi Sakuya from Touhou. Powerful maid.
  • Belfast from Azur Lane. Waifu maid.
  • Saren from Princess Connect. Hardworking girl and appreciating things that people do.
  • Keqing from Genshin Impact. Cool and classy waifu.

Thanks for reading.

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