Who Genshin Impact's Dendro World Boss Could Be

Who Genshin Impact's Dendro World Boss Could Be Yaoyao Baizhu

Recent Genshin Impact leaks indicate a Dendro World Boss will be arriving soon, leaving Genshin Impact players wondering who the Dendro Boss could be. If the leaks are accurate, the Boss may arrive as soon as Genshin Impact\’s 3.0 update, which will introduce the new Dendro region of Sumeru. The rumored Dendro Boss will drop Nagadus Emerald Gems, the Dendro equivalent of gems dropped by existing World Bosses in Genshin Impact, used to ascend Dendro characters. Although there are Dendro NPCs and enemies in Genshin Impact, there aren\’t any Dendro playable characters currently. As a result, anticipation is understandably high for the arrival of the game\’s first Dendro-wielding playable character.

At launch, Genshin Impact included playable characters for every element in the game except Dendro. Despite updates adding new playable characters to Genshin Impact on a regular basis, there are still no Dendro-wielding playable characters in the game. Genshin Impact\’s 3.0 update will presumably change that, bringing with it a new explorable region, the Dendro nation of Sumeru. However, Genshin Impact players have long hoped a Dendro playable character would arrive ahead of version 3.0 and the release of Sumeru.
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Recent leaks from reputable Genshin Impact leaker Project Celestia allege that a Dendro World Boss will be coming soon, but not in Genshin Impact\’s upcoming 2.8 update which will arrive on July 13. The upcoming World Boss was uncovered during datamining of Genshin Impact\’s last beta test and is denoted in the game files as \’Jade-Plumed Terrorshroom\’, though this is an unofficial direct translation of the Chinese name found in the game files. The game data detailed that the upcoming Dendro World Boss will drop Nagadus Emerald Gems, character ascension materials for future Dendro playable characters.

Genshin Impact Leaks: Who The Dendro World Boss Could Be Theory

Who Genshin Impact's Dendro World Boss Could Be Mushroom

Some Genshin Impact players have speculated that the Dendro Boss could be a Dendro variant of the Regisvine, Genshin Impact\’s giant elemental Whopperflower Bosses. However, recent leaks also revealed that Genshin Impact could add an Electro Regisvine in the near future, as soon as Genshin Impact\’s 3.0 update, so it seems unlikely that the game would introduce two new Regisvines in a single update. Based on the name Jade-Plumed Terrorshroom, others have speculated that the Dendro Boss could be a giant mushroom, similar to Xamaran, the mushroom NPC located in the Chasm\’s Underground Mines. As Xamaran also hails from Sumeru, this lends weight to the theory that the upcoming Dendro-wielding Boss could resemble a mushroom.

Although the true identity of the Jade-Plumed Terrorshroom remains unknown, it\’s unlikely it will be able to remain a secret much longer, with Genshin Impact\’s 3.0 beta test commencing very soon. Genshin Impact has been inundated with leaks since launch, with many leaks stemming from datamined beta test files. Despite non-disclosure agreements, the upcoming 3.0 beta test will undoubtedly produce more leaks, including whether or not the Dendro World Boss will arrive in version 3.0, and possibly revealing the identity of Genshin Impact\’s highly-anticipated Dendro playable characters for whom the Boss will drop ascension materials.

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