Why aren’t there many “good” mobile games?

Video games have their own way to grow and evolve. They have a diversity in the contents and how do play it. The same story goes by the electronics.

Computers were being common and more affordable in the 90s. Some of their first gen were in 80s (or so I’m not clear about this). At the same time, game consoles were also in its way to grow, Game Boy, NES, Sega, Atari, etc. They are used the most of their purpose: Video games. So the new stuff comes out: SNES, Game Cube, PS One, and at the same time, PC and laptops are also being out. As they evolve, games also join the PC platform. Since it would be easy to play as you can work and play at the same time. But till the 2000s, Smart phones came out. They have a super huge potential and grow till now. And since it’s so useful and affordable, they get common. And yes, games will also take over their new platform. And so, Mobile games came out. The golden age of mobile games: Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, Temple run, and much much more. It seems like mobile devices are also a brother in the electronics family. And both platforms grew. But through time, PC and console are combined. And many genres came out: RPG, MMO, Arcades, Racing, and the most popular one that I will mainly mention in this idea: First-Person Shooter, aka FPS.

Now FPS will have many other smaller genres: Battle Royale, Survival, PvP, etc. The most popular franchise in this genre has already being on all platforms: Call of Duty. Since the first game, the second, Modern Warfare, Black ops series, and now Mobile and a reboot Modern Warfare in 2019, Black Ops Cold war 2020, and Vanguard in 2021 with WW2 stuff and many other titles.

FPS games also being the most common in mobile. Modern Combat 5 was a popular game in 2015, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, COD mobile, Rules of Survival, Fortnite Mobile, Cyber hunter, Knives out, an much much more. So why do I pick FPS games as the main example? That’s because, FPS games are now the only most active and popular genre in mobile games, at the same time being a dominant game genre in pc and console. You will find millions of games on google play and ios, but FPS are the only game that are high quality and playable till now. As you see, mobile games are getting worse, and here’s the explanation:

  1. When was the last time you get a mobile game ad ?
  2. When was the last time you get tons of ads in your mobile games ?
  3. When was the last time do you find so many low quality and boring games on the app store or google play ?

Yes, it’s really common. Since mobile games are meant to be simple, easy to play and FREE, they got really low quality. I believe mobile games are getting downgrade, and being in its final days soon. Too many people keep making money from games, so they keep making stupid and nonsense games to let kids play, and they put too much ads in the game just for their money. That’s why it got worse. since no one’s gonna do anything to them, they will keep making cringy contents and add annoying ads into their game. It seems like games developers are becoming scammers, scamming people with their games so they can watch the ads and play fake contents, contents that are just fake in the ads to attract people. And so on, I think mobile games will have 3 types of it:

  1. High quality games: Games that are playable, games that have new contents in their updates, they are playable and it’s legit. Examples include: PUBGM, CODM, Free Fire, etc.
  2. Fake games: Scams, full of ads, games that doesn’t even have any good contents just like what they have in their ads. It’s fake, they force you to watch ads and buy premium just to stop the annoying things you got. Also, they are rip offs of the popular games. It sucks and it’s the most common type of games in the mobile game world. Examples: See for yourself in the homepage of app store and google play
  3. Good games that become dead: Yes, they used to be on the first type but it starts to get downgrade. These games were being added shit into it and make it sucks. Examples: Asphalt 8 used to be really good, but got everything Pay2Play even though it’s free to download, Modern Combat 5 and Rules of Survival that are dead, hackers vs hackers in it.

And to be clear, The game developing policies and terms needs to be updated, they are being too easy and now making the game world ruined. And I assume that this scam games, this ‘cancer’ of games will start to spread even more heavily. And many quality games will be less created, because can you see that there are too few good games came out this year? It’s not growing, it’s just Genshin Impact and some other games. No, if it keeps getting like this, the death rate of games will increase and they won’t catch up. I can say PUBG and CODM will definitely getting dead soon, it’s just the matter of time. Soon enough, the cancer will be all over evenly, making the mobile game industry starts to die, because PC and console games are growing, and many good games are even too heavy, you can’t play on old android phones caause it will be laggy and crashed. Also, Gaming PC are getting more common now, and a gaming Laptop is being so affordable to us, plus you can do other stuff in it than playing some trash on your phone.

I’m convinced it’s too late to save the mobile games, the only way is to develope better games and make it popular. If not, it’ll die eventually, and the great depression of mobile games will come.

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