Why do Indian gamers play only multiplayer games? Why are no other story games played in India?

1)i really don’t know but what I have seen is indians are taught to be competitive and defeat everyone else and become superior in anything, be it studies ,sports etc. .so this same attitude carries over to video games.they won’t spend time on single player r games ,coz others would get ahead of them and get better ranks

2)many indian teens don’t get to participate in any extra curricular activities like music , dancing , sports biking etc. Because uk tutions are very important and because of which many can’t find their passions in real life ,so they find their passions in video games.since single player games usually don’t have a lot to learn they get ignored .in comparison westerners already have many extracurricular activities,passions etc and they play videos games casually .

3) now most kids only have mobile for playing games . although recently games like genshin impact are making it to the mobile scene .many Mobile single player games are just graphically not very good ,or their controls are bad or they are pay to win or even if they are good they aren’t popular

4) battle royale games and single player games have a lot of common aspects that make each other fun such as endless possibilities , they are open world,solo friendly , casual friendly ,u can try and explore stuff etc.this is sharp contrast with 5v5 fps and moba games which are quite repetitive ,closed world ,solo unfriendly (,but at the same time much more appropriate competitively)

For this reason a good battle royale game like pubg fulfills their needs and they don’t explore beyond that simply cause pubg was all what they needed or because they don’t know about single player games to play.

Also many of these people who were interested in casual single player open world games in the past, developed a competitive attitude for pubg and also started liking FPS games ,and learned to appreciate and enjoy gunplay and tactics

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