Why do some people only play RPGs and refuse to play multiplayer games?

As someone who plays Genshin Impact, which allows for co-op multiplayer as a choice rather than as an integral part of the game experience, the reason why I prefer its single player aspect over its multiplayer aspect is simple: it’s how I want to play my game – by myself, as I explore and experience the world, without things like peer pressure or having to deal with the BS of others.

I already spend so much time dealing with other people in real life, why should I deal with people in multiplayer too?

Now don’t; get me wrong — when I do join in the multiplayer aspect of Genshin Impact, I do enjoy my time there. But if I enjoyed my single player games way back when Diablo and Baldur’s Gate 3 were still a thing, and if I enjoyed grinding by myself as a means of relaxing after an entire day of non-game activities in the MMORPG Ragnarok Online, why exactly should I want to play multiplayer games?

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