Why does Inazuma look so much better than the rest of Genshin Impact?

I don’t know about you, but I like Inazuma just fine. I go around, I explore, etc. And then I returned to Mondstadt for something and suddenly I was attacked by such a feeling of nostalgia and homesickness that was suddenly cured, I was totally surprised. I have spent time in Liyue and Mondstadt since I started the game last year at the end of September. So for me Mondstadt will always be my home in my heart.

So, as much as Inazuma is nice and all – it is not my home. I enjoy it as the next one, but I would never say that it looks “so much better” as you have stated. You might just be used to Mondstadt and Liyue and now suffer from the syndrome that the “grass is greener”, because it is just a new country to explore.

Let’s talk again when we reach the next country. You will maybe say the same then. And I will maybe still say that Mondstadt is the city of my heart. 🙂

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