Why does my 13-year-old have Discord and has games were older kids have?

Take my answer with a grain of salt personally, I love using discord, it allows me to talk with my friends easily. Some people may say that discord is ‘disgusting’ and other things like that, but tbh all of the internet is like that. it is your choice to join whatever servers you want in discord. like if you join a Minecraft server, it would be mainly about Minecraft, and if you join an anime server, it will mainly be about anime. everything has its pros and cons. (also those who talk about pedophiles, it depends on the server, like anime servers probably have more talk about lolicons and loli sexualization because that is just one thing anime is you can’t change that, while other things, like games, will probably talk about their respective game. those who say that discord ‘grooms’ people

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