Why Fans Are Mad About Genshin Impact's 1-Year Anniversary Rewards

Genshin Impact developer miHoYo announced the rewards coming with the game\’s one-year anniversary, and fans are not happy. The free-to-play game has been incredibly popular since launch and has created a solid community of dedicated players. Some have been with the game from the start and were expecting something special for their loyalty, though it looks like they may remain disappointed.

Genshin Impact\’s latest update – version 2.1 – has been a big success. The Electro Archon is available for players to wish for, two new islands were added to Inazuma, and there are plenty of new quests and events for players to enjoy. With so much excitement and new content, the anniversary seems to be fading into the background. In fact, there wasn’t much time at all spent discussing this milestone in Genshin Impact’s history during the 2.1 livestream that announced the anniversary rewards. For fans of the game, it hasn\’t seemed to sit well.

The anniversary-related rewards were also confirmed by a PlayStation Blog post, where the anniversary again got little mention. A daily login event will give players ten Intertwined Fates, and the Genesis Crystal top-ups have been refreshed, but that’s it. As of this article’s publication, these two things are all that is being done to commemorate Genshin Impact’s first year.

The Genshin Impact Anniversary Falls Flat

While Genshin Impact is technically free, it is a gatcha game so there are plenty of incentives to buy its in-game currency. To wish for limited characters, such as the Raiden Shogun, players need an abundance of Intertwined Fates. These can be purchased in the shop in exchange for Primogems, which can be gathered by simply playing the game or buy purchasing Genesis Crystals from the shop with real money. When players first purchase the Genesis Crystals there is a free top-up that essentially doubles the number of Crystals they get for the price, but this can only be gotten through the first purchase. The 2.1 update has refreshed these top-ups, so players can go back and get them again. For fans that don\’t want to spend money, this bonus is rendered useless, as they likely haven’t purchased them to begin with. So while it is definitely a nice feature for some, one miHoYo will hopefully continue in future years, it really only applies to a portion of the player base.

The other first anniversary reward is the ten Intertwined Fates players can get through the login event. While it is nice that they will be able to get a free ten pull for the limited banners – which guarantees one four-star – it does feel rather underwhelming. After all, it takes 90 pulls to get a guaranteed five-star. For the one-year anniversary of Genshin Impact, it is reasonable to expect something a little more than a simple ten pull. It\’s exacerbated by the fact that players won’t even get them outright – they’ll have to participate in the daily login event. These anniversary “rewards” just fall flat, especially in the face of recent content updates. And while it is entirely possible that better rewards are coming in the 2.2 update, this is all that has been announced so far, and it\’s easy to see why fans may be upset.

There could be ways around this. On the standard banner there are five five-star characters that are always available to wish for. Allowing fans to pick one of them to get for free would probably make a lot of people happy. This could also be an option for the five-star weapons on that banner. For those that already have these items, they could get constellations or refinements. Another option would be to have a unique anniversary weapon that everyone gets for free. There could be other anniversary items like furniture for the Serenitea Pot, recipes, companions, or even a new outfit for the Traveler. Whatever it is miHoYo decides to do, it needs to feel special, and right now the Genshin Impact first anniversary risks feeling just like any other day.

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