Why Genshin Impact Character Hangouts Are So Popular

miHoYo\’s recent livestream for Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.2 update revealed two new character Hangout quests for players to enjoy. Thoma and Sayu was first introduced during the Inazuma storyline where they aided the Traveler throughout the Archon Quests. The two characters will now be featured in the game\’s Hangout Event, which was a permanent story system introduced during the game\’s Version 1.4 update.

The Hangout Events allow gamers to embark on an adventure with different Genshin Impact characters where multiple endings can be obtained depending on the player\’s choice. Gamers are also rewarded base on the specific ending received, which incentivizes players to unlock all types of endings. In order to participate in Hangout Quests, players need to be at least Adventure Rank 26 and must use two Story Keys to unlock a specific quest. The Story Keys can be acquired by completing daily Commissions making the item relatively easy to obtain.

The Genshin Impact character Hangout quests were well-received by players upon its initial release. The event featured multiple characters like Barbara, Bennett, Noelle, and Chongyun where each character was given individual screen time and cutscenes. Eventually, Diona\’s Hangout quest was added during the 1.5 patch. A reason why these quests are popular is that most of these characters made little to no appearance in the story, which made the Hangout Events a great way for fans to learn more about particular side characters.

Genshin Impact Hangout Events Exemplify Good Interactive Storytelling

The unique characters of Genshin Impact are one of many reasons why the game is appealing to gamers. Each character has a distinctive personality and ambitions within the game. The Hangout Events allow players to learn more about these characters\’ backstory. An example would be Noelle, where Hangouts reveal her desire to become a member of the Knights of Favonius. Throughout her journey players interact with Noelle\’s decisions in specific situations. Depending on the interactions and decisions made by the player, different scenes within the story may unfold.

The character Hangout quests offer multiple \”what if\” scenarios, which can be engaging for fans, as it\’s generally more interactive compared to linear storytelling. Gamers can end up having a nice relaxing drink with Barbara in one ending, or accidentally cause her to avoid the player in another. The Hangout Events offer an alternative way to interact with these characters in a fun way, similar to a Telltale game series. Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.2 update will arrive on October 13, 2021. Once released, players will have the opportunity to learn more about Thoma and Sayu of Inazuma once the new Hangout quests become available.

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