Why Genshin Impact Fans Want Rifthounds Removed

Rifthounds, also known as Riftwolves, were added to Genshin Impact as part of the 2.2 update and were immediately met with ire from fans. Rifthounds, which usually reside on Tsurumi Island in Inazuma, have also been added to the Spiral Abyss, adding another layer of difficulty to one of the game’s greatest challenges. The addition of Rifthounds to the Spiral Abyss has led many fans to express their frustration on social media, to call for the hounds to be removed from the Spiral Abyss, or the game altogether.

Like many enemies in Genshin Impact, Rifthounds have detailed lore that hints at storylines that may be to come. Rifthounds are said to be able to dissolve the world’s borders, hinting that they may be able to unlock the Chasm, an area of Teyvat rich in resources that is closed off to players currently. While this lore is interesting and may hint at what\’s to come, the difficulty level of defeating Rifthounds has received significant backlash, especially on the final floor of the Spiral Abyss.

Rifthounds come in two different elemental masteries, Geo and Electro, and they usually appear in pairs or packs. In addition to dealing primary damage, Rifthounds deal Geo or Electro elemental damage. On top of damage, Rifthounds in Genshin Impact deal Corrosion, a Status Effect and Ley Line Disorder that causes characters to lose HP continually, with the ability to down the active character. This can be counteracted by bringing a healer in the party and keeping a careful eye on the HP of all the characters in the party, although this is easier said than done.

Why Genshin Impact\’s Rifthounds Are So Bad

Not only do Rifthounds deal primary damage, elemental damage, and Corrosion, they also have a Rage meter. When this meter is filled, their resistance to their element decreases, so attacking them with the element they resonate with will do more damage. However, when this Rage meter is filled, Rifthounds will become considerably more aggressive, adding another level of difficulty to the fight. All of this, coupled with the fact Rifthounds on Tsurumi Island are rarely encountered one at a time, can lead to an incredibly challenging (and arguably less enjoyable) fight.

The addition of Rifthounds to Genshin Impact was met with criticism and reignited discussion as to whether miHoYo gives players who spend money an advantage over free-to-play players. Tackling challenging enemies such as Rifthounds with free characters is more challenging, albeit not impossible. The main criticism of the difficulty level associated with defeating Rifthounds is that it makes fights challenging to the point where they are less enjoyable.

Players who favor a team of melee characters are at an immediate disadvantage when fighting enemies who warrant ranged attacks, like Rifthounds. While there are many difficult bosses and enemies in Genshin Impact, the recent backlash toward Rifthounds may be emblematic of a wider issue: the string of controversies the game has faced and players threatening to walk away from the game for good.

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