Why Genshin Impact Gacha Pull Rates Won't Ever Change

Genshin Impact launched in September 2020 and quickly became one of the most popular and profitable games of the year. Although Genshin Impact is free to download and play, miHoYo reported billions of dollars of revenue in the first year of release, thanks to the game’s gacha mechanics and in-game purchases, making it one of the most successful game launches of all time. Unfortunately, this means pull rates in Genshin Impact are unlikely to change.

Genshin Impact’s first-year success can be attributed, to a great extent, to its popularity as a mobile game. The game has amassed 5.28 million mobile downloads worldwide with monthly in-app purchase revenue of $101.2 million. Mobile games usually offer limited gameplay, with auto-play options and limited exploration; however, the mobile version of Genshin Impact offers the same experience as on PC or console, setting a new, higher bar for what mobile games should look like. In addition to mobile, the game is available on PC and Playstation, with a Genshin Impact port to Nintendo Switch coming in the near future.

Despite this success, Genshin Impact is not without its flaws. miHoYo has drawn great criticism for the gacha mechanics of its game, a Wish system being the only way to obtain the majority of characters and higher rarity weapons, with a drop rate as low as 0.6%. Although it is possible to use in-game currency to purchase Wishes, and many players do use this free-to-play model, the easiest way to obtain characters and weapons is to purchase bundles of genesis crystals to spend on Wishes, with many users spending hundreds of dollars to obtain their favorite characters.

Genshin Impact Gacha Pull Rates For Wishes & Banners Explained

It’s worth noting that, unlike many gacha games, Genshin Impact players are able to access the same content using in-game currency as real money. Many games (like Fortnite, for example) have certain content such as character skins that can only be accessed by spending money, distinct from what can be purchased using in-game currency. Genshin Impact allows users to purchase Genesis Crystals which can be used for in-game purchases, while also allowing players to save up their Primogems in Genshin Impact to make the same purchases, with a 1:1 Genesis Crystal to Primogem conversion rate. Despite this, players willing to spend money do have an undeniable advantage over free-to-play users, when it comes to benefiting from the game’s gacha mechanics.

Genshin Impact’s success shows no sign of stopping anytime soon, with new characters and events with every update. Although Genshin Impact is considered a gacha game, unlike others, it allows players to use in-game currency instead of actual money, if desired. While the gacha element of the game has to be used to obtain new characters and weapons, it is just one aspect of this incredibly vast open-world game. As miHoYo continues to profit greatly from players’ purchases, and players continue to download the game en masse, there is little incentive for miHoYo to change its pull rates in Genshin Impact. While character Banners and events do offer higher drop rates for a limited period of time, it’s unlikely overall pull rates will change anytime soon.

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