Why Genshin Impact Players Are Dressing Up For Christmas In Dragonspine

Genshin Impact players have a history of celebrating holidays by dressing up in cosplay, creating fan art, and photoshopping characters to reflect specific holiday events like Christmas. This year, players are putting Christmas hats on various Genshin Impact characters, such as Sucrose or Diona, in anticipation of the holidays and the new 2.3 game update in what is becoming known as the Christmas Cult. Players are also showing how much they\’re looking forward to the event in Dragonspine that\’s included in the next update, which will be released on November 24, 2021.

There are several winter-themed updates coming to Genshin Impact and some characters that are being re-run to fit with the new event. Players will see Eula returning as both an obtainable character and part of the event story missions, and many speculate it\’s due to her Cryo abilities. Eula is a five-star Genshin Impact character with a few different optimal builds that can make her fairly powerful. Her return is only one of several winter-themed updates coming to the game that has players excited.

The new Shadows Amidst Snowstorms, which will take place in Dragonspine, will have some winter-based activities for players to enjoy. Players will be able to build snowmen or complete event story missions within the cold, mountainous region. The holiday-themed and winter-themed activities give players more to do in Genshin Impact as well as inspiration for art and cosplay ideas outside of the game.

Genshin Impact Christmas: Why Players Are Wearing Santa Hats

There\’s a trend going around on TikTok and Twitter where fans of Genshin Impact are changing their profile pictures to various game characters wearing Santa hats and deeming themselves The Christmas Cult. The trend is going viral due to the strong dedication of Genshin Impact\’s fans, and the large number of people involved. It\’s also likely that players will begin creating fan art and various cosplays of holiday-themed characters in anticipation of the update and the winter season.

With the current trend of creating pictures of Genshin Impact characters with Santa hats on, it\’s likely that more elaborate trends will follow once the Christmas Cult is done. As with previous holidays, like Halloween this year, enthusiastic players may create new cosplays or fan art. With the holidays right around the corner, and the 2.3 update taking place in Dragonspine, it\’s the perfect time for players to start celebrating Christmas in-game.

The recent online trends are getting players excited for the new Genshin Impact 2.3 update, which is set to release on November 24, 2021. It\’s likely that players will continue to create holiday-themed pictures and artwork throughout the holiday season. Genshin Impact fans are loyal to the game and have a lot of creative ideas to spark excitement for updates and keep the game interesting while staying connected to other fans, as evident by the latest Christmas Cult takeover.

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