Why Genshin Impact Players Should Be Leery Of Honkai: Star Rail

On October 8th, game developer miHoYo announced the launch of closed beta registrations for their latest turn-based RPG title, Honkai: Star Rail. The game introduces a new narrative, characters, and gameplay while maintaining some of miHoYo\’s classic visual elements. Although there is still no official release date announced for Honkai: Star Rail, miHoYo fans have already expressed their anticipation for the game on various social media platforms. Given that miHoYo is continuously supporting their earlier games, such as Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact series, it may be concerning for some whether miHoYo will still have time to integrate new creative updates in Genshin Impact while developing Honkai: Star Rail.

MiHoYo\’s Honkai: Star Rail is the newest title in the Honkai series. In this game, players will embark on an astral journey and explore dungeons with a variety of playable characters in a four-member party setup. Only nine characters, including the protagonist, have been revealed thus far. Each character in Honkai: Star Rail has an Element and a Path assigned to them. The Element of a character can be Physical, Lightning, Imaginary, Fire, Wind, Ice, or Quantum, while the Paths define the weapon of the character. Although the new Honkai title shares striking similarities with Genshin Impact in terms of character elements, graphics, and party number, Honkai: Star Rail features significantly different game mechanics. players take on the role of the story\’s protagonist

As a turn-based RPG, players in Honkai: Star Rail will explore dungeons containing various enemies. Players will be able to interact and initiate a battle with opponents by simply walking up towards them. Damage can be inflicted on enemies before commencing a battle by attacking them using the in-party characters\’ skills – this will trigger the battle scene. During a battle, players will combat opponents by taking turns of each character. Honkai: Star Rail\’s gameplay deviates from Genshin Impact\’s open-world battle features, as the combats are more suited to smaller battlefields. Nonetheless, the exploration and combat in Honkai: Star Rail can be comparable to Genshin Impact\’s Spiral Abyss.

How Honkai: Star Rail Can Influence Genshin Impact

Given that Honkai: Star Rail has smaller exploration fields and straightforward game mechanics, the development would probably take less time than Genshin, allowing more time for conceptualizing and developing updates for Genshin Impact. However, since only the beta version of the new Honkai title was released, at the moment, there may be a lot of changes to be made until the launch of the official Honkai: Star Rail. For instance, the gacha system has not been implemented yet into the beta version, although players should anticipate it to be included in the final release considering that the Honkai title will be available on PC and IOS for free. Moreover, gacha system has been a common monetization mechanic in miHoYo games.

Recent Genshin Impact game events, such as Tuned to the World\’s Sound and Genshin Impact\’s Labyrinth Warriors, have shown that miHoYo is still capable of incorporating new events and features into Genshin Impact while Honkai: Star Rail is in development. Although the previous game events were likely inspired by initially released time-limited events and features such as Invitation of Windblume and Spiral Abyss, miHoYo improved the previous gameplay by adding twists and making it more challenging for players. Furthermore, the story of Genshin Impact has yet to be concluded and will likely take several years to complete, requiring miHoYo to continue supporting Genshin Impact for an extended period.

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