Why is Raid Shadow Legends considered such a bad game? Are there better Android or iPhone games out there?

It’s objectively not worse than any other pay-to-win gacha game, and it has better graphics than most.

The reason is got so much attention was due to the sheer size of its ad campaign. Ads were showing on almost every YouTube video, and the company bribed a crap-ton of streamers to tout the game. The advertising really tried to polish the turd, too, implying it was much deeper and more complex than the disposable quasi-MOBA drek it actually is.

The advertising blitz was something you’d expect from a triple-A release, not a cut-and-paste gacha game.

Are there better? Sure. But that depends what you like. If you want to play PTW gacha games, Genshin Impact is generally considered the best.

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