Will Childe come back even after his rerun? If so, when perhaps? I really wanted him but I was unfortunately late for the rerun banner.

Similarly to what Mx. Tedja said, I doubt they will be bringing back Childe’s banner anytime soon

Out of all of the banners released so far, Childe had a very slim amount of profit earned from his banner compared to all the others. (Excluding Keqing and Eula, of course.)

We all know how money-hungry and greedy MiHoYo is, seeing as how they release characters so much and pushed back Inazuma for more money. (to release Rosaria, Yanfei, Eula, Kazuha, YaoYao, etc) So I doubt they’ll re-rerun a character if they weren’t nearly as valued by players as people like Zhongli and Ganyu are.

Considering the fact that Inazuma is suspected to be released sometime after Kazuha, They’ll have A LOT of new characters to add to the game, as of now only about 3–4 Inazuma characters have been leaked, and MiHoYo has confirmed that it isn’t even a quarter of how many Inazuma characters that they plan to add to make the game feel less lonely.

Although I doubt you’ll get Childe, I do hope that you are able to get ahold of any upcoming character that happens to catch your eye. Good luck!

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