Will Genshin Impact be free?

It’s because the game is mainly a mobile game with GaaS/Game as a Service type, and the devs has designed the game from the ground up with free to play method in mind (Resin/Energy system, Wish/Gacha for characters and weapons, rewards, etc).

Another reason why Genshin is a free to play game is that the scope of the game is HUGE, with big maps for the player to explore (currently, we only have 2 regions available from the 7 regions planned), which is better for free to play game with constant updates, instead of multiple releases/single release + DLC expansions.

Lastly, free to play game is much easier to market, since people can just try the game first, before they decide whether they wanted to continue or not. You can’t have this kind of thing with paid games, where people need to pay for the game in order to try it, which not everyone wanted to.

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