Will I be able to join Genshin in 4-5 years without being too behind? I don’t have any good device to play it on and probably won’t have one for a while.

You probably will!

It’s updating pretty slowly atm, and you can always catch up with lore via yt. I’m currently doing a quest I got spoilers for, and it’s making me real eager to do it myself.

I don’t recommend doing much more than joining the fandom and learning about it until you’ve got a better device, preferably one with plenty of space since the game takes up 17gb minimum and in the future maybe even up to 50gb.

Though it’s really up to you, and in the end when you join a fandom really doesn’t matter, and keeping up with the game right now isn’t a bad idea, and could even help you. Too many spoilers or gameplays makes it boring though, so a limit would be nice..

Hope this helped!

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