Will people think I’m weird if I play Genshin Impact?

Depends on which type of person. I wouldn’t worry about it either way as long as you enjoy playing it, as it is a nice game.

Yes; mostly people that aren’t fans of gaming in general will disapprove but that’s completely unrelated to GI. Other people that might think that are (fanatical) people who dislike GI, and in extent, dislike you for it. Even if you have been a good friend of them, they can think this because their opinion of that game is negative and will not accept that other people can have fun playing it.

No; every person with common sense and a good grasp of humanity will be able to see why you enjoy playing it and won’t see you as the weirdo you are not. The game is beautiful, there’s a good portion of the game that’s free and easy to play. If you’re at end game and pay for whatever you need or want, that is your business and we understand.

Gamer people in general are still being frowned upon by non-gamers and there’s alot of toxicity inside of alot of people, even within the gaming community. Play your game with fun and pride as you enjoy it. I don’t judge, and neither should any other person for you enjoying that beautiful and fun game!

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