With Genshin Impact, is it important to finish all the quests as much as possible before doing the Spiral Abyss?

Nope. I’m only AR 28 (my next story quest is AR 29), but I completed the first three floors yesterday. I did try to beat it when it first unlocked for me, at AR 20, but my team was pretty weak.

Most of the floors are timed, giving you a limited time to finish off every enemy (with the exception of Chamber 2 of Floor 2 I believe; you have to defend a pillar thing). With that in mind, try to form a team that can inflict damage very fast. Each floor also has a change to the normal conditions (like how the third floor made Anemo power more effective), so make sure to keep it in mind.

You don’t have to worry about getting five-star characters to finish the floors. In my opinion, sure, they have the most potential, but if you can’t afford to maximize a character from scratch, make do with what you have now. I use the Traveler, Barbara, Noelle, and Chongyun, in case you want to know. Barbara’s Hydro and Chongyun’s Cryo come in handy with large amounts of people. You can round them up, freeze them, then finish them off quickly, saving time. Knock them off the platform if they’re on the edge, it’ll save you time.

I also recommend you try to clear Floor 3. Once you complete the third chamber, miHoYo will gift you Xiangling. Click on the events (the compass icon), go to the People’s Choice event (it’s permanent), and get your food-loving chef.

Hope this helps!

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