Wordle Is Somehow Only Twitter's Second Most Popular Game of 2022

Despite all the posts of multi-colored boxes, Wordle is only the second most talked about game on Twitter in 2022. Wordle is a word game that debuted earlier this year. Players are given six chances to guess a chosen five-letter word that changes daily. Green boxes in Wordle indicate a correct letter in the correct place, yellow is for correct letters in the wrong place, and black means that the letter is not in the word at all.

Since its release, Wordle has found a home on the New York Times website, where it is updated with a new word for players to guess on a daily basis. While discovering the correct letters may seem like it would make the challenge easier, it can make things harder as players wrack their brains trying to remember five-letter words with a certain letter in a certain place. Then the difficulty only increases as the player runs out of vowels and common consonants.

Anyone who uses Twitter has likely seen the posts consisting of green, yellow, and black boxes, but according to data shared from Twitter, Wordle is only the second most talked about game on the site in 2022. While many might assume that the number one place goes to Elden Ring, as posts about it have also seemingly dominated Twitter since its release, that spot goes to Genshin ImpactElden Ring is in seventh place succeeding, in ascending order, Ensemble Stars, Apex Legends, Final Fantasy, and Project SEKAIGenshin Impact was first released in 2020 on Windows, PS4, Android, and iOS, where it became an instant powerhouse hit and hasn\’t slowed down since. According to IGN, it was in the top spot for all of 2021 as well.

Similar to Elden Ring and Genshin ImpactWordle found quick and vast popularity soon after its release. The game is simple to play while serving as a daily brain teaser, but the key to the game\’s popularity may come from the fact that the hidden word is not random. Anyone who plays, no matter where they are in the world, gets the exact same word for the day. The intellectual challenge of Wordle, paired with an easy way to share results on social media, creates a sense of shared camaraderie with people across the world. While the boxes on the posts show the user\’s process of guessing the word, they give zero hints on what the word could be – thus leaving it a mystery for other potential players.

While Genshin Impact\’s popularity doesn\’t seem to be going anywhere, Wordle\’s simple yet challenging design and community may keep it around for a while as well. Even with its popularity flagging at the moment, it hasn\’t completely disappeared from people\’s dashboards yet. Whether players were sharing their successes or their shame, it was enough to boost Wordle to be one of the most talked-about games on Twitter in 2022.

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