Yashiori Island Electroculus Locations in Genshin Impact

Players will need to collect every Electroculus around Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact in order to upgrade the Statues of the Seven in Inazuma. There are 27 Electorculi around Yashiori and a total of 181 to find across Inazuma, so it will likely take players a few hours to track down and collect all of them. Since update 2.2, every Inazuma island is accessible, meaning players are able to complete their Electroculus collection and fully upgrade the Statues of the Seven in this region.

There are six Genshin Impact Statues of the Seven in the Inazuma region, and they can reach a max level of 10. Players can access any of the six statues to increase the level for Inazuma using the Electroculus collectibles. Whenever players are near one of these collectibles, they will see it come up on the minimap and hear a particular sound indicating that an Electroculus is nearby. Using the minimap, it should be easy to locate an Electroculus if players hear the sound indication.

Players can access Inazuma after reaching Adventure Rank 30 and progressing in Genshin Impact\’s main story to the Archon quest, \”The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia.\” There are six different areas where players can hunt for Electroculus collectibles. The Electroculi are split between Kannazuka, Narukami, Seirai, Tsurumi, Yashiori, and Watatsumi, so players will need to travel to every part of Inazuma to find them all. Yashiori has 27 Electroculus collectibles to find.

Finding Every Electroculus on Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact

Once Inazuma is unlocked, players will be able to travel to Yashiori and start finding the Electroculus collectibles. Players will need to travel all over Yashiori Island in Genshin Impact to collect the 27 Electroculi. A few of the collectibles will require players to find a nearby Electrogranum to go up higher or get through Thunder Barriers, while others may require a puzzle to be solved. Players can find the Electroculus collectibles on Yashiori Island in a variety of locations.

Yashiori Island Electroculus Locations

Players can solve the nearby puzzle and use Thunder Sphere to obtain an Electroculus directly west of Fort Mumei.South of Fort Mumei, there\’s a small island with an Electroculus at the top of it.In Higi Village, there\’s an Electroculus next to the tent.In the southeast part of Higi Village, players will find an Electroculus near a shrine.Next, players can go to Fort Fujitou to find an Electroculus at the top of the stone pillar.West of the previous Electroculus, players can find another one on top of a large rock.Next, players can head north to find an Electroculus beneath the stone arch.Players will need to go east from the previous Electroculus and use an Electrogranum to go through the Thunder Barrier and claim the collectible.In Musoujin Gorge, there\’s an Electroculus behind a Thunder Barrier which can be reached by obtaining and using the nearby Electrogranum.Southwest of the previous Electroculus, there\’s one floating in the air that players can use the nearby Electrogranum to reach.Near the teeth of the Serpent\’s Head, players can find an Electroculus by following Electro Seelies in Genshin Impact underground.There\’s an Electroculus south of the Domain in a hole.East of the previous one, there\’s an Electroculus near the path on top of a rock.Next, players can go further east to find an Electroculus floating in the air, and the nearby Electrogranum can be used to obtain it.

Players can go east next and find an Electroculus in between two big trees.Southwest from the previous Electroculus, players will find one inside the cave.Next, players can go east and travel to the top of the cliff, then activate the Thunder Sphere to find the Electroculus in Genshin Impact.Northeast of Jakotsu Mine, there\’s an Electroculus beneath a large rock overhang.Southwest of the previous Electroculus, there\’s another rock overhang with a collectible beneath it.Next, players can go east around the rocks toward the beach to find a small cave with an Electroculus inside.At the southern tip of the island near the Teleport Waypoint, there\’s an Electroculus on top of a tree stump.Players can then go west and find an Electroculus floating above the water.On the small southernmost island, there\’s an Electroculus that can be reached using the Waverider in Genshin Impact.North of Jakotsu Mine, there\’s an Electroculus in the cave along the rock ridge.Northwest from the previous one, players can find an Electroculus by using the Electrogranum nearby to get through the Thunder Barrier.At the western dock, there\’s an Electroculus by the water.Along the southwestern beach, players can find an Electroculus floating in the air with an Electrogranum beneath it.

Once players have all 181 Electroculus collectibles in Inazuma, they can fully upgrade the Statue of the Seven. Rewards for leveling up the statues include varying amounts of the following items: Electro Sigil, Primogem, Memory of Violet Flash, and Inazuma Shrine of Depths Key. Players will also gain Adventurer\’s Experience for each new Genshin Impact Statue of the Seven level they reach. Getting to level 10 will require players to collect every Electroculus scattered around Inazuma in Genshin Impact, including the 27 found on Yashiori Island.

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