Yoimiya Design Breakdown

Yoimiya Design Breakdown

“Fireworks are the highlight of the festival, and Yoimiya is Inazuma’s best pyrotechnician. Every display she planned turns out fabulously. Ah, right, do not worry about the fire hazards. The Yashiro Commission and shrine maidens will take care of the necessary precautions so that she can fully express her creativity” -Kamisato Ayaka Yoimiya

ㆍFrolicking Flames 

ㆍOwner of Naganohara Fireworks


ㆍCarassius Auratus

Yoimiya Design Breakdown
Yoimiya Design Breakdown

Spoilers Ahead

Common Themes: Summer Festivals, Purity, and Fireworks (Duh)

“Yoimiya has a childlike innocence, and is often found playing simple yet timeless games with children or accompanying them to find shiny trinkets and toys. The purity of children brings her unparalleled joy.” 


    • Shimenawa (Sacred ropes) “Shime” means hold or embrace, and “nawa” means rope

    • From the shinto religion

    • “According to the myths, people used the rope to keep Amaterasu (the Sun Goddess) from re-entering the cave she hid in.” – Pyro vision???

    • are believed to act as a ward against evil spirits,

    • object of purity, preciousness, noble, one-of-a-kind and priceless

    • Often used on the strongest sumo wrestlers

      • Shinto (The Way of the Gods)

  • Strong belief in purity

  • Festivals – the celebrations are very physical events, and may include processions, dramatic performances, sumo wrestling, and feasting 

    • Carassius Auratus

  • Meaning Goldfish – orange/gold/white color scheme

    • Owner of Naganohara Fireworks

  • Naganohara 長野原 (long,field,original ) – a town located in Gunma Prefecture, Japan. Has two active volcanoes  – Mount Kusatsu-Shirane (2171m) to the north and Mount Asama (2568m) to the south – Pyro Vision

    • Fireworks/Hanabi (Fire Flower)

  •  Hundreds of firework shows are held every year across japan, mainly during the summer holidays in July and August

    • Tattoo 

  • Flowers in the wind -> fireworks

  • Koinobori kites flying symbolizing strength and courage

  • Tattoos are generally considered taboo in Japanese culture

    • Butterfly 

  • Symbolize metamorphosis and transformation in japanese culture -> pyro Infusion

  • Butterfly necklace received from Hu Tao. They seem to share a close friendship


    • Festival Kimono

  • Used to attend some festivals and are often used for fireworks festivals or for other summer activities

  • Firework/flower theme pattern 

    • Sarashi(bandages)/Hadanugi Dousa (open kimono)

  • The whiteness and purity of the sarashi cloth has ritual significance, therefore it may also be used in rituals

  • Hadanugi Dousa is often practiced by traditional japanese archers called Kyudo. 

    • Geta

  • Sandals with “teeth”

    • Electro Symbol on Bow

  • Pyro+Electro=Overload=Fireworks

  • It also represents a three fold Tomoe, a Shinto symbol often printed on japanese drums that are played during festivals 

Yoimiya Design Breakdown
Yoimiya Design Breakdown


Yoimiya Design Breakdown
Yoimiya Design Breakdown

A Sailor Moon Villain based on a japanese summer festival drummer. Notice how similar some of her and Yoimiya’s designs are


Yoimiya Design Breakdown
Yoimiya Design Breakdown

You can also see how similar japanese drums’ Tomoe is to the electro symbol in Genshin. That is because since Inazuma is based on Japan, and Inazuma is ruled by the Electro Archon, the in game symbol for Electro is also a three fold Tomoe


    • Retracing Bolide (Hair Accessories)

  • “So, how about it? Would you like to see the fireworks, throw some darts, and play fusen with me?” -Summer Night’s Water Balloon

  • “But it’s the best place to watch the fireworks, you know?” – Summer Nights Moment

  • “A summer festival flower that blooms forever…But the memories of meeting her, Of watching the fireworks bloom in the sky like fresh flowers together, The memories of that foxy-eyed woman who eventually disappeared without a trace…That unwithering flower is the final thing to remember her by” – Summer Night’s Bloom

  • “I’m sorry, I departed under the cover of the fireworks. We will most likely never meet again. Take care of yourself.” – Summer Night’s Mask

  • “But when I came forward and looked, it was just a fox sunbathing. It leaped up at the sound of snapping branches, and fled into the woods, And like the spots of light that poke between leaves moved by the breeze, it was gone in a flash. All that was left was a throwing dart” – Summer Night’s Finale

The Retracing Bolide Set recounts a story of a boy who encounters a fox eyed woman. When he was seven, the boy was separated from his parents at a shrine during a summer festival. A fox eyed woman helped the boy, even taking him out to play games (Summer Night’s Water Balloon). 

Ten years later during the same festival, he was walking with a girl he admired when he slipped and fell, breaking his pocket watch. The girl left to get some ointment for him, and while she was out, he found the same fox eyed woman he had ten years ago. She looked as if she had not aged at all, and the only difference was a fox mask she was wearing (Summer Night’s Moment). While watching the firework show, the woman left without a trace, only leaving the fox mask with a note (Summer Night’s Mask).

 Years later, the only thing he had to remember her by was an unwithering flower (Summer Night’s Bloom), but one day to celebrate the pregnancy of his wife, they went to that same festival to give an offering to the shrine. For some unknown reason, he headed up the mountain where he had watched the fireworks with the items he had kept on each of his encounters with the woman: The water balloon at seven, the pocket watch and mask at seventeen, and the flower he had to remember her by. When he got there, he thought he had seen the woman in a white dress, but as he got closer, he saw a fox sunbathing. As the fox was startled by the sound of snapping branches, it fled leaving behind only an old throwing dart (Summer Night’s Finale). 


Notes: The flower sounds like a retcon because if it was the only thing he had to remember her by, then how did he have the different objects he had when meeting the woman when taking them on the final trip? It’s also adorable that you can assume the girl he admired is now his wife.

    • Inari Shrines

  •  A type of Japanese shrine used to worship the deity Inari. Inari is a popular deity associated with foxes (also a part of Shinto)


The most important part of the design is the thigh high sock because thigh pudge


Yoimiya Design Breakdown
Yoimiya Design Breakdown


WIll be updated as we get more info on Yoimiya (Character Stories, Interactions, ect) and as more things are discovered/corrected


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